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Buying or selling property

Utilize legal contracts to help with personal property transactions.


Buy, sell or lease other personal property FAQs

  • Can I lease my land for farming?

    Yes, in many cases you can. Increasingly even smaller lots are being leased for urban, organic farming. You may have land that you want to be farmed, but you don't want to farm it yourself. A Farm Lease will outline the tenant-landlord agreement and ensure that everyone understands the terms of the relationship.

    A Farm Land Lease includes provisions for details such as:

    • Payment terms
    • No partnership disclosure
    • Existing crops
    • Use of the land
    • Insurance and tax requirements
    • Maintenance expectations
    • Who pays for utilities
    • Option to sell

    Learn more about Farm Leases.

  • Do I need a Bill of Sale to sell animals?

    It is prudent to have a Bill of Sale when selling livestock or other types of animals such as papered dogs, cats, or birds. Along with a Bill of Sale, you should also include important information, such as:

    • Contact information for buyer and seller
    • Description of animal
    • Vaccinations
    • Health information
    • Purchase price
    • Inspection period
    • Witness signatures
  • Should I get a receipt for things I buy from an individual?

    If you are buying something rather expensive, insist on a detailed receipt. Imagine buying a used car only to find out later that it was stolen. If you are buying a car, make sure the title is clear and that it can be registered. You may also need a receipt for tax purposes if you are making a business purchase. If it ends up that the purchased items were stolen, you can show the receipts to law enforcement to show that you believed it to be a legitimate sale.

    If you notice anything that seems a bit "off" about a transaction, it may be best to trust your instincts and back out of the sale. While most people selling things via online markets are legitimate, scammers and fraudsters also exist.

  • Can I lease a parking space?

    In most cases, yes you can. Parking spaces in a crowded urban area are highly in demand. Even parking spaces in rural areas may fetch about $50 per month. Parking spots in large cities often earn hundreds of dollars per month. Using a Parking Space Lease Agreement, you can create a landlord-tenant relationship that can provide you with a bit of extra income and the leaseholder a private parking space.

    If you plan to rent parking spaces, make sure you have the proper permits if required. If you belong to a homeowners association, you'll want to check to make sure you are not violating their rules as well.

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