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Your Twitter Profile Gets An Upgrade With New Header Image

You probably already knew this, but I’m a big fan of the networking opportunities provided by Twitter. Unlike any of the other popular social media services, Twitter allows you to connect with people you’d otherwise have no access to. Personally, I’ve been using Twitter for years now to interact with music industry professionals. Doing so allowed me to both launch and expand my own entertainment law practice. Without question, Twitter has proven to be an extremely valuable tool for marketing my services.

Using Twitter I’ve developed relationships with record labels, musicians, music marketing companies, publishers, and other creatives and creators. These relationships have directly and indirectly led to business for my practice.

Ironically, I rarely actually visit Twitter’s website. I also don’t use Twitter’s official apps on my iPad or phone. Instead, like many other people, I’ve used Twitter through 3rd party apps such as Tweetdeck. It’s been my opinion that, for whatever reason, Twitter has never provided the best tools for interacting with their service. With the recently announced new updates to their website and apps, they are looking to change that.

First, Twitter has updated your profile page to make it more attractive and to share more information about you. Exactly like the “cover photo” on Facebook‘s timeline, Twitter now allows you to post a header photo. It’s certainly more attractive than the previously boring profile.

Additionally, Twitter now emphasizes the photos you share on the service more prominently than ever before. On the iPad app (for example) your shared pictures appear directly beneath a selection of your most recent tweets. On the main page they appear in the left-hand corner directly beneath your navigation links.

When you’re accessing their service via their apps, you can easily switch between multiple Twitter accounts. Just click the icon between the settings button and direct message button to change accounts.

These upgrades should help further solidify Twitter’s prominence as one top social media networks. It should also help encourage more Twitter users to visit Twitter’s website instead of relying on apps like Tweetdeck to engage with their network.

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