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Your Super-Suit: Tips for Optimizing Your Online Profiles

Clients expect lawyers to look like lawyers. You cannot appear in court in sweatpants. The expectations for your online profiles are no different. Online profiles function as your business card, resume, office lobby, yellow-pages listing, and personal greeting all in one. They are often a client’s first impression of you. Making sure that your profiles look professional and attractive can go a long way toward building the ideal client base. Here’s how to do it.

  • Get listed where people are looking for legal help. Two sites that provide a platform for lawyers to promote themselves professionally are LinkedIn and Rocket Lawyer. By creating a profile here, you tap a targeted market of visitors seeking legal services.
  • Show off your education, accomplishments, and areas of expertise. Attach your resume if possible, and make sure to copy/paste the information directly into your profile as well. In addition to granular detail of
    your merits, include a high-level professional summary.
  • Upload a formal, smiling headshot — not a photo of you fishing, not a photo of you at your desk — a headshot.  Use the same photo across all of your online profiles.
  • Include appropriate contact information; this includes your work email, website, and the location of your office. Whether or not you post  your work phone number is up to you.
  • Let clients know if you offer a free initial consultation or provide any other outreach services.
  • Include links to all of the professional material you have online. Every point of presence that you have online (Facebook, LinkedIn. Twitter, website, blog,  publications, etc.) should link to every other point of presence. This creates a virtuous cycle whereby visitors to one site are likely to visit another site and ultimately convert into paying clients.
  • Update and build your profile. Keep your information current. Fill out your profile completely – a sparse profile looks worse than no profile at all.

You know what it takes to dress like a lawyer, speak like a lawyer, and act like a lawyer. By following the above tips, you can ensure that this hard-learned propriety makes the transition online.

Building Your Super-Suit is Tip #2 in our series “How to Super-Power Your Legal Practice Without Superpowers.” You might also be interested in reading Tip #1 “Your (Not So Secret) Identity”. Don’t miss Tip #3 “Lawyer By Day, Blogger By Night – Create Fans (Or Are They Future Clients?)” Subscribe to The Sociable Lawyer Blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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