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Your Single Click Can Help Us Make the Law More Affordable

Vote for Rocket Lawyer to win “Biggest Social Impact” at the Crunchies.

Every year the technology community comes together for the Crunchies Awards, also known as the Oscars of startups and technology. Co-hosted by TechCrunch, GigaOm and VentureBeat, the Crunchies recognize the most deserving startups, founders, and investors of 2012 across 20 unique categories. We hope that this year Rocket Lawyer can take home the prize for the startup with the “Biggest Social Impact” for the work we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to our customers and the lawyers in our Rocket Lawyer On Call® network.

At Rocket Lawyer we feel that the biggest social impact we can make is by providing access to justice. Our mission is to make the law easy and affordable to everyone through information, documentation and attorney consults for every legal matter. We’re proud that we have so far been able to help more than 20 million entrepreneurs and families spend more time doing what they love.

Each of our customers has a story about how Rocket Lawyer has helped them solve a problem. Here are just a few.

Building a Strong Businesses

Ryan Nurmela and his business partner Michael Finnegan are so passionate about education they created QuantumCamp, a program to teach students math and science in cutting edge and innovative ways. They grew quickly and decided to open a second camp location, but as their vision grew, so did their awareness of their legal responsibilities. They turned to Rocket Lawyer to incorporate their business and protect themselves and employees.

Rocket Lawyer made it really easy to take my company to the next level, providing all of the necessary documents and services to bring the process to completion. What made it even better were the questionnaires that helped guide me through the legal jargon. Thanks Rocket Lawyer for helping out a small business owner.

Dr. Karl Mettinger has seen it all. After 10 years of teaching, and over 27 years of experience in the global life science industry, he is involved in the development and launch of new drugs and biologic FDA-approved products.

A year ago, he set out on his own and started Cellastra Inc to lead the path in stem cell engineering and cell-based therapeutics and pharmacogenomics. Dr Mettinger also started his own biotech consulting firm, Progressive Clinical Partners. While initially working with a big firm attorney, he but wanted to avoid the super high costs while he was working on the everyday legal documents needed to maintain his businesses.

Rocket Lawyer has been very easy to use, and quite frankly, for the cost of half an hour of my attorney’s time, I have received an entire year’s worth of services. It has been incredibly valuable to my companies, and allowed us to focus on providing a valuable service as well – finding the cure for cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Protecting My Family

Patty Deschaine has had a difficult year. Her father passed away unexpectedly the day after Christmas, and her mother landed in the hospital shortly thereafter. She was diagnosed with a large kidney stone and Lymphoma. To compound the situation, Patty’s father died without a Will because he thought it would be too expensive. Luckily, his estate passed on to his wife so they were able to avoid probate, but once Patty’s mother went to the hospital, she knew she had to take matters into her own hands.

Patty’s insurance agent told her to try out Rocket Lawyer and she created a full estate plan for her mother in a matter of days. As a result, Patty ensured her mother’s wishes would be acknowledged.

I can’t imagine what we would have done without Rocket Lawyer. We didn’t know how much time we had, so being able to complete her entire estate plan in only a few days, and get the advice of a real attorney without having to pay a lot of money was truly incredible. We feel 100% confident in our experience using Rocket Lawyer and tell everyone to use it.

We’re striving to support more and more businesses and families. Please help us expand access to a simpler and more affordable legal system by submitting a nomination to the Crunchies.

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  1. I seldom need legal doc. but at 78 years young its time to have a Will. There seemed to be so many free Wills and I looked at many but I went with you all. Hats off to sweet Charlie…we little guys who are the back bone of this nation seldom get a needed break. But Charlie ‘s Rocket Lawyers gave us not only something we needed but made it affordable. I send big hugs to Charlie and Dan and the entire staff who made it all possible. Please keep updated about the lawsuit.