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How’s Your Legal Health? Why Your Legal Wellness Matters

Legal healthEveryone wants to be happy and healthy, and there’s no secret formula.  However, many people do miss a big part of the picture by not maintaining optimal legal health.  Being proactive about your legal health can prevent more serious (and expensive) problems later. Every person should strive for optimal legal health and wellness, meaning that you don’t have any current legal problems and your level of risk for developing future legal problems is low.

Why call it legal “health?” Physical health is an apt metaphor for your degree of legal risk. Like an untreated medical condition, an unidentified legal issue can be devastating down the road. The truth is that many legal issues are completely preventable or at least easier and less expensive to manage when they are discovered before they become serious.  In the medical example, if you know that you have a family history of heart disease or if your doctor has given you a diagnostic test that suggests a higher risk for the disease, your doctor might advise you to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly or prescribe medication to minimize your health risks.

Just like going in for a regular medical check up is a good idea for preventing medical problems, the more you know about your legal health, the better equipped you are to handle and potentially prevent legal problems in the future. So how do you know what to look for?

The easiest and most affordable way to get a complete picture of your legal health is to take an online Personal Legal Check Up with Rocket Lawyer. Many people don’t realize that legal issues are often tied to common life events, like buying a house, getting married or becoming a U.S. citizen, among others. The short online interview will ask you a series of questions about your life, including any common events that often trigger the need for legal tasks.

After you’ve answered the questions in your Check Up, you’ll get a personalized Legal Health Score, which provides a snapshot of your legal health on a scale from 1 to 100, so you can immediately see your level of legal risk. Rocket Lawyer will also help you improve your legal health score by suggesting a series of next steps for maintaining and protecting your legal health, personalized for your situation.

Take your Personal Legal Check Up today and get peace of mind about your legal health. If you have a business, you should also take the Business Legal Check Up.


  1. Gloria Monahan says:

    I need power of attorney form to take care of my mother’s affairs can I get that from this site?

    • Jenny Greenhough says:

      Hi Gloria,

      Yes, we would be happy to help you create a Power of Attorney. Just click on this link and click the green button to get started.

      Also, if you need an attorney’s advice at any time, check out Rocket Lawyer On Call, which provides discounts on attorney services.

      Jenny Greenhough
      Content Manager