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Where There’s a Will There’s a Way (To a Successful Business)

84517016San Francisco resident Sarah Burns first opened her beauty shop in the city’s Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood in 1980. Driven by a passion for improving lives and working with innovative companies within the beauty industry, Sarah grew her business into what is now a global beauty consulting and boutique salon — Ms. Sarah’s Creations of Beauty. After three decades of building her business, Sarah wanted to make sure her life’s work could stand the test of time.

“While my mother still shows no sign of stopping, I knew we needed to do some succession planning so my mother’s wishes for her business is maintained,” said Sarah’s son, Dudley, who now serves as Director of Business Development for Ms. Sarah’s Creations of Beauty.

Dudley and his mother used Rocket Lawyer to create her Will and access several other legal services necessary to make sure the business had all of its legal bases covered.

“Today, our team successfully provides uncommon leadership and unrivaled industry knowledge in operating businesses, licensees, education and life coaching for future and current professionals locally, domestically and internationally,” Dudley added.

Thinking about death is the last thing anyone wants to do — so it comes as little surprise that a majority of Americans (64 percent) do not have a Will, according to a new Rocket Lawyer-Harris survey. In fact, over half (55 percent) of Americans with children do not have a Will, which could unintentionally be placing their children’s future at risk.

A majority of Americans (57 percent) reported they do not have a Will because “they just haven’t gotten around to making one.” Additionally, nearly a quarter (22 percent) believe making a Will is not urgent and almost a fifth (17 percent) do not have a Will because they don’t think they need one.

“Lots of busy people know they should create an estate plan, but many don’t for a variety of reasons,” said Charley Moore, founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer. “Many procrastinate, with the misunderstanding that a Will only distributes monetary assets, but, a Will can and usually should cover more than that. Drafting a Will also enables people to specify their final wishes, take care of loved ones, protect assets (physical and digital) and prevent family disputes.”

To drive awareness of this issue and make it easier for anyone to create a Will, Rocket Lawyer has designated April “Make-A-Will-Month”. If you have not yet created a Will, check out our page that walks you through the entire process of making a Complete Will.

Regardless of what type of estate plan you choose and the provisions you decide to include, it is always recommended to consult an attorney — especially for those who have dependents, or tangible assets such as real estate or a business that, if not protected, could be subject to steep taxes and government interference. However, for the those who have put off estate planning because they don’t have a lawyer (17 percent) or think it costs too much (14 percent), Rocket Lawyer can solve both issues by offering free Will creation and access to qualified attorneys at significantly discounted prices though the On Call® network.

Here are some additional key findings from Rocket Lawyer’s Make-A-Will Month survey:

  • 90% of Americans aged 18-34 do not have a Will
  • 80% of Americans aged 35-44 do not have a Will
  • 91% of students do not have a Will
  • 51% of married Americans with children do not have a Will
  • 83% of single Americans with children do not have a Will
  • 75% of Americans believe the most important digital asset to protect in the case of their death is online banking and financial accounts; 33% of Americans believe email accounts are the most important
  • 14% percent of Americans do not have a Will because they don’t want to think about death
  • 9% of Americans would protect their social media accounts in the event of their death

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