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What the #HEdoubleHockeySticks? - ThinkstockPhotos-488310402-c.jpg

What the #HEdoubleHockeySticks?

medium_#hedoublehockeysticksAt Rocket Lawyer, we’re used to a little controversy. It comes with the territory. In the past several years, we’ve helped transform the legal industry to provide accessible legal help so there were bound to be a few pushbacks. Even so, when we decided to launch our first Rocket Lawyer outdoor advertising campaign, we were still a bit surprised by BART’s response.

Long story short: We had to edit our original copy from “hell” to “#HEdoubleHockeySticks.”

Curious about what happened? Want to know how we responded?

Check out what our Product Marketing Manager Becky Roth has to say in her personal blogpost, “To #HEdoubleHockeySticks With It.”

Legal note (we are a legal services company, after all): These opinions are 100% my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Rocket Lawyer.

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