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What Lies at the Heart of Marketing? Customers!

I’ve worked at Rocket Lawyer for just over 4 years now, doing everything in the Marketing department from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) management and public relations to my current role in product marketing. Throughout my various roles, the one common thread has been our customers. Regardless of the work we are doing here, each employee has a distinct focus on who we are making this product for. A great way to remind ourselves of who we are serving is to spotlight customers directly on our site.

The customer photo shoot series project started about a year and a half ago when we were going through a hefty rebrand of our site and logo. We knew we wanted to showcase real customers and tell their stories, which led us to making it an integral part of how we tell our story. I set off to find customers from across the U.S. and interview them about their businesses, passions, and what motivates them in life. An interesting commonality I found is that most of the incorporation customers I talked to were starting a business that began as a hobby. These ‘hobpreneurs’ take huge risks to pursue what they are passionate about, which has become a source of inspiration for my team.

I’ll leave off with one of my favorite hobpreneurs, Doug. His oldest daughter has been able to unlock an iPad since she was 12 months old. In an effort to bond with her, he started watching how she interacted with the world, and came up with a solution: he combined his two passions — his family and making video games — and built her a beautiful game inside an app called ChuggaBugga. He launched his new product on a bootstrapped budget as a side project, which ultimately became his full-time focus after LucasArts closed his studio.

Bootstrapping became key in realizing his business, so Rocket Lawyer proved to crucial in launching ChuggaBugga. He was able to do a lot of the work himself, and along the way, talk to attorneys when he had specific questions. He told me that Rocket Lawyer makes him feel like he has the power of an expensive law firm behind him, but at his own price point.

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