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Using Twitter Email Digests To Keep Up With Your Twitter Stream

I use Twitter as a tool for maintaining and developing relationships with other lawyers, other bloggers, and music industry professionals. It’s proven to be a fantastic tool for that purpose. The only problem arises as a result of the amount of tweets that scroll through my stream on an hourly basis. Even on my best days it’s likely that I miss as much as 50 percent or more of the relevant content shared on the site. I’d venture to guess that if you’re also a fan of Twitter and are using it to its fullest potential, you’ve experienced this problem too. The number of Tweets by some of my favorite fellow bloggers alone is difficult to keep up with, let alone the thousands of people I follow from my different accounts. Although I’m OK with missing most of the Tweets that float by unnoticed, I’d like to catch the most relevant ones. Thankfully, Twitter announced a feature that can help users do just that.

In a post on Twitter’s blog this past Monday, they announced a new weekly email digest feature called Stories that will provide a summary of the most relevant Twitter posts that were shared by the people you follow. Stories will look a lot like the newly updated Discover tab that you can find in the upper left corner of your Twitter page. In other words, you’ll see post headlines along with the pictures of who shared the story to help you decide which of the posts in Stories you are most interested in. Stories will also provide users the ability to Tweet the article directly from the email as well as the ability to view related tweets. Twitter also noted that Stories will also include some of the most popular Tweets by people you don’t follow, so long as those Tweets were viewed by the people you do follow. The idea behind this feature, presumably, is to allow you to discover content that was popular within your network and thereby allow you to simultaneously discover new people to potentially follow on Twitter.

Twitter is rolling out Stories via email to users slowly over the next few weeks. If you’d rather Twitter not send you Stories, you can opt out of this feature by going to Notification Settings and un-clicking the box for “A weekly digest of Stories & Tweets from my network”.

Are you excited about this new feature, or will Stories just be another piece of unread junk mail in your inbox? Let me know what you think.

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