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Use LinkedIn’s Signal Feature to Get More Out of Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn recently added a fantastic new feature to their site that can radically change the way you consume the information in your social media stream. The feature is called “LinkedIn Signal” and it provides you with a way to filter the information you can view in your stream. If this doesn’t sound very exciting yet, just stay with me.

There are 10 filters you can apply:

  1. Network and degree of separation from you
  2. Company the person works for
  3. Location
  4. Industry
  5. Time Posted
  6. School
  7. Groups discussing the topic
  8. Topics/Hashtags
  9. Seniority of the person posting the update
  10. Update type (i.e. whether it is an update from a group or by topic)

So what can you do with it? You can use it to search for recent job openings announced 3 degrees of your network. You can also use it to investigate information about a company. Essentially, it gives you the opportunity to perform focused searches through your social media stream.

For example, let’s say you want to find a job in the legal industry within San Francisco. You can search for the word “hiring” in your stream. Then to limit the results you can filter within your connections or within 2-3 degrees of separation from you. You can then further filter your results by Location (such as: “San Francisco Bay Area”) and Industry (such as: “Law Practice”).

Or if you want to find out what the people at a certain company have to say about a specific topic, you can narrow the results to individuals working for that company.

It’s easy too. From your homepage you’ll find an area with the heading “All Updates.” To the right of that heading you’ll see a blue box with a magnifying glass. Click that. This page shows you all updates by people within your stream. You can see the individuals’ in your streams icons with the updates to the right of the icon. Hover your pointer over their name to view their profile, send them a message or download their vCard. On the lefthand column you’ll find the filters you can use to filter your results.

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