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Use Facebook Timeline To Make A Better Facebook Page For Your Firm

To be honest, you can count me among the number of people who disliked the new Facebook Timeline when it was initially introduced. I was fine with Timeline for my personal profile, but I was extremely dissatisfied as those changes applied to the Facebook Page for my other (non-legal industry) site. The new changes just didn’t feel intuitive for website, company and law firm pages. Nonetheless, Facebook isn’t likely to revert to the old style, so like it or not, it is time to accept those new changes. And, to be honest, I’m starting to warm up to the new changes. It takes a little getting used to, but Timeline offers plenty of improvements from the old style of Facebook Page.

Cover Photo

The new Cover photo makes it easier than ever to brand your page and highlight your firm’s brand message. In fact, it makes your page more about your firm and less about simply visiting a Facebook page. You’ll notice that your firm’s identity is front and center. The Cover image you choose will be the first thing visitors to your site’s page will see, so choose a picture that looks good and says something about your firm’s identity. When choosing a photo Facebook suggests using a picture that is at least 399 pixels wide (but ideally 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall). It’s easy to change your cover picture, so feel free to experiment to find a cover you like.

Timeline Features

The timeline feature provides you with lots of flexibility for customizing your Facebook Page and simultaneously creating an interesting site experience for the fans of your site. The new features include pinned posts, starred posts, and editable date posts.

Facebook now allows you to “pin” posts to the top of your timeline so that they are the first thing your fans will see when visiting your Page. Pinned posts will appear at the top of your timeline. Be sure to “pin” your most important new posts, but also don’t forget to change it up regularly to keep things interesting.

You can now also create what Facebook refers to as “starred posts.” Once you’ve created a new post, if you hover your pointer in the upper righthand corner of the new post, you’ll see a star icon and a pencil icon. Click on the star icon to turn the new post into a starred post. The post will become widescreen and more visible to visitors.

Once you’ve created a post you can also edit its date in order to create an accurate timeline of your firm’s history. Considering adding important dates to your Page’s timeline such as the date the firmed opened, the date various practice groups opened, the date partners and associates joined the firm, and so forth. To change the date of a post, hover your pointer in the upper right hand corner of the post. Click on the pencil icon and then select “Change date.” You’re able to select the year, month and day you want to assign to the post.

If you’re looking for inspiration, I recommend checking out the Facebook pages of various big businesses such as Coca Cola and other large companies. They have a big budget and some very smart & creative people paid to make their site experience amazing. You can get some great ideas for your firm’s Facebook page by snooping around theirs. For example, you’ll notice that Coca Cola posted their corporate history, old Coke ads, user’s stories, and events to their timeline. You’ll also notice that they regularly update their page with pictures and videos. If it works for them, it’ll probably work for your firm too.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is the first thing that you’ll see when you visit your firm’s Facebook Page. If you are logged in to your page, it will appear above your Cover photo. Other users, of course, will not see the Admin Panel. In the Admin Panel you’re able to view new notifications (which demonstrate recent activity on your Facebook Page), messages from your users, new “Likes” to your Page, and Insights (which show you the number of people reached by the posts on your Page). It makes it easy to understand how effective your Page has been.

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