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Tiger Woods’ Celebrity Divorce Deal: How Does It Compare?

According to reports, Tiger Woods’ divorce deal will pay soon-to-be ex-wife Elin Nordegren $750 million, making it the most expensive celebrity divorce in history. Before Tiger Woods’ usurped the title, Michael Jordan’s more than $150 million divorce from Juanita Jordan was considered the most expensive celebrity divorce. Other expensive celebrity divorces include Harrison Ford’s ($118 million), Steven Spielberg’s ($100 million), Madonna’s ($90 million), Kevin Costner’s ($80 million), James Cameron’s ($50 million), Paul McCartney’s ($48.6 million), and Michael Douglas’ ($45 million). Attorney Tamera H. Bennett writes that Michael Douglas’ divorce costs might rise. The divorce settlement entitled his ex-wife to half of the income from any spinoffs of work created during their marriage. Wall Street 2, based on 1987’s Wall Street is set for release later this year, and she wants half of his earnings from the film. Ouch. Donald Trump’s divorce settlement cost $25 million, despite his $2 billion net worth. Why? He had a good prenuptial agreement.

According to attorney David M. Goldman
, prenuptial agreement provisions commonly “include what career path a spouse may choose, where the couple will live, and cash penalties if one spouse cheats.” Many celebrity prenuptial agreements include similar clauses. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards’ includes a clause that awards $4 million to one spouse if the other cheats. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ prenuptial agreement is null and void after 11 years of marriage, at which point she is entitled to half of his fortune. Catherine Zeta-Jones accrues $2.8 million each year she remains married to Michael Douglas. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s prenuptial agreement cuts him out of her $150 million if he uses illegal drugs during their marriage.

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