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the year i

The Year I…

It’s time to check your goals—have you made any progress? Did you give up or moved forward? We want to be with you at every milestone and help you achieve those goals; we believe that people can use the law to plan the most important moments of their lives.

What are your goals?

At Rocket Lawyer, we believe that 2017 is the year you become your own boss and launch your business. From creating your LLC to trademarks, contracts and everything in between, we’re there for you.

the year i business


2017 is the year you want to get married and start your family. Maybe you’re buying your first home or thinking about estate planning.

the year i marriage



Or you feel very strongly about becoming an activist and need help building the path to get there.

the year i activist
We’re here for you; this is your year. What can we do for you?

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