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The Weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up

Welcome to our first weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up where we feature some of our favorite lawyer blog entries from the past week. If you know any great lawyer blogs, feel free to let us know! Enjoy!

How To Kill A Law Firm
August 12 by Jordan Furlong
“Most lawyers are blissfully unaware that they’re in the cross-hairs of numerous entities outside the legal profession, entities that have set their sights on the legal marketplace intending to own some or all of it. And very few law firms are taking the Jack Welch approach of both knowing your enemy and adopting its methods…”

The Other Definition of “Law Practice”
August 13 by The American Society Of Trial Consultants
“Many overestimate their ability to perform “on the fly” or “off the cuff,” but still choose to attempt it. Some say the delivery of an impassioned speech is more “organic” or “real” when put together at the last minute. Others just like the adrenaline rush or are serial procrastinators. No matter the rationale, those who think a closing argument (or opening statement; or direct examination) is more powerful and effective without practice are mistaken…”

Georgia Criminal Appellate Law Blog
How to Make the Transcript More Fun to Read
August 16 by Scott Key
“There is one word that makes the difference between dead lifeless prose and a story that leaps from the page. One word – objection. I am not sure why more lawyers don’t say it, but it doesn’t get said enough…”

Law Marketing Monitor
If You Write It, They May Not Come
August 17 by Gyi Tsakalakis
“It seems like everywhere you look, someone is arguing that “Content is king” online. However, the “if you write it, they will come” mantra fails much more frequently than it succeeds. My purpose is not to convince you to abandon writing useful content on your blog. Instead, it’s to help you understand that content-based link building is more complex than merely writing posts…”
Solo Practice: Three Tips for Getting Started
August 17 Maggie Green
“Starting a law office can be a daunting and sometimes unmanageable task. As a new attorney starting a solo law practice, you’ve likely reviewed your bar association’s start-up guides and found no shortage of DIY books to help hang your own shingle…”

The Defense Rests
Going for the Gut
August 17 by Paul B. Kennedy
“What emotions would you imagine that juror is feeling as the prosecutor begins his opening statement? And how might those emotions affect any moral judgments that juror might make during the trial?…”

Law Practice Strategy Blog
Law Blogs and Marketing Strategies: Remember What’s Important
August 18 by Donna Seyle
“For as many different people writing blogs, there are different approaches to blogging. To begin with, everyone has his/her own writing style. But there is the added element of the kind of blog you want to write, or the different strategies you want to employ depending on your blogging goals…”

The Volokh Conspiracy
Are Right and Left Changing Where They Stand on Standing?
August 18 Ilya Somin
“Traditionally, conservative scholars and judges have advocated narrow views of constitutional “standing”: the level of “interest” litigants must have at stake in the outcome of a case in order to give them a legal right to sue. For their part, liberals have usually promoted the opposite view: constitutional rights should not be denied based on these sorts of technicalities…This ideological division has been turned on its head in the current gay marriage and health care litigation…”

Above the Law
A Hot New Trend: Leaving Biglaw to Start Your Own Firm
August 20 by David Lat
“Which kinds of lawyers are leaving Biglaw to hang up their own shingles? Why are they doing it? And how’s it going for them?…”

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