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The Weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up

The Sociable Lawyer Round Up features some of the best blog entries on e-lawyering from the past week. We’re always looking for new posts, so if you know any great lawyer blogs, feel free to let us know! Enjoy!

Mangement Craft
Fireside Chat with Francois Gossieaux: Podcast on Hyper-Social Organizations
October 2 by Lisa Haneberg
“How is social media tapping into primal human needs and how ought this change how we lead and manage?” Listen to Podcast.

Real Lawyers Have Blogs
Young Adults As Likely To Use Social Networks As Use Email
October 2 by Kevin O’Keefe
“Though email remains the most popular Internet activity for older adults, for younger online adults social networking sites are just as much a part of their daily routine as email. And that’s good for your law firm. After all, networking, word of mouth, and relationships are the cornerstones of client development for the best lawyers…”

Lawyer Success
How to Attract Your Ideal Client
October 5 by Matthew Poole
“Attorney Matthew Poole discusses how important it is to find solutions that offer a high level of customization in order to narrow your reach to the potential client that offer you the highest probability of retention regardless of the cost of your legal services. Mr. Poole shares with you the various types of advertising he has tested to generate new law firm business for his solo practice…”

How Lawyers Can Harness the Power of Social Media
October 5 by Carolyn Elefant

Facebook Advertising How-To
October 6 by Gyi Tsakalakis
“Recently, I have received a lot of inquiries from legal professionals about advertising on Facebook. While I’m very cautious in recommending Facebook advertising for lawyers, in some instances it may be an effective advertising investment…”

Above the Law
What’s Wrong With Your Law Firm Bio?
October 7 by Adrian Dayton
“Don’t take it personally. Nobody is perfect, but unfortunately, when it comes to law firm bios — well, most of them stink. They tout the vast accomplishments of the lawyer: where they went to law school, if they graduated with honors, whether they were on law review. Then they often include a laundry list of each and every type of legal matter the attorney has ever dealt with in their life. The main problem is, attorney bios are often created with very little thought into strategy. This is unfortunate, especially considering how important bios are…”

Legal Marketing Blog
PR Tip: Make Friends with Reporters and Editors
October 7 by Tom Kane
“Developing relationships with reporters and editors is a worthwhile goal for lawyers. Your purpose is obvious. By getting to know media contacts (general, business and legal), they are more likely to call you when they need a lawyer’s perspective; and there is no better way to be seen as an expert than by being quoted in a credible publication or interviewed on TV…”

Lawyer Marketing Blog
Personalize Your Online Presence
October 8 by Jeff Berman
“The internet has provided an amazing opportunity for people to collaborate, conduct business in far away areas, and build relationships they otherwise might never have established. Unfortunately, there is a level of personalization that can sometimes be missing from online business interactions. The result can be leads slipping through the cracks, negotiations failing, mistrust, etc. I want to tell you about a study I came across recently that shows the importance of personalizing your online presence…”

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