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The Weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up

The Sociable Lawyer Round Up features some of the best blog entries on e-lawyering from the past week. We’re always looking for new posts, so if you know any great lawyer blogs, feel free to let us know! Enjoy!

Legal Internet Marketing Blog
The Power of Press Releases for Legal Internet Marketing
September 3, 2010 by Susan L. Sipe
“Neglecting to write and submit press releases about your law firm is a great way to miss out on a perfect opportunity. However, you don’t want to submit just any press release, just like you don’t want to put just any content on your website. This is especially true since relevant content is essential in helping a press release get noticed by the search engines, and the same information can only be valid so many times. Here are a few tips to help you get started…”

Do Blogging Lawprofs Wield Too Much Power?
September 4 by Ann Althouse
“On August 19th, Justice Kennedy gave an address that included an interesting passing remark about the role of blogs. Justice Kennedy was talking about how law review case comments generally come out too late to be of use to the Court (especially in the context of deciding whether to grant certiorari in a case). As a result, when Justice Kennedy asks his clerks to look to see what the law reviews have said about a particular case, there isn’t any commentary yet. Justice Kennedy adds: “I’ve found, what my clerks do now, when they have interesting cases — They read blogs.”…”

Real Lawyers Have Blogs
ABA Survey: Social Media Shows Growing Acceptance Among Lawyers
September 5 by Kevin O’Keefe
“56% of lawyers personally maintain a presence in an online community/social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, LawLink, or Legal OnRamp. This compares with 43% in the 2009 and 15% in the 2008…”

Confessions of a Twitter Tag Abuser
September 7 by Georgina Laidlaw
“For those of us who use Twitter tags purely for adding a layer of sarcastic commentary to our tweets, the idea of using tags properly — to categorize tweets and make them easier for others to find — may seem a little humdrum. But as I realized last week, using Twitter tags properly can help you to reach a much broader follower base…”

Lawyer Coach
Why Lawyers MUST Get Their Heads Out of the Sand about Social Media
September 7 by Debra L. Bruce
“The mushrooming popularity of social media creates novel legal issues to be resolved, as well as a lot of opportunities for mistakes by lawyers and their clients. Wake up! How can you answer your client’s questions or warn them about potential legal infractions, if you aren’t familiar with the medium? Could you be completely missing a good business development opportunity?…”

New York Examiner
How Lawyers Are Using Social Media
September 7 by Natan Edelsburg
“In my experience, blogs are great for connecting with people who have a specific legal problem. Email newsletters are important because the vast majority of lawyers obtain new business through referrals. Email newsletters serve as a reminder to those who know you that you are out there. Facebook is good with keeping up with friends in the past who may serve as a referral source due to your activity. LinkedIn groups drives tons of traffic to my blog posts. I spend most of my time on Twitter, however it is best used for lawyers as an information source. In my opinion, the power of Twitter is in who you follow. It is rare for lawyers to be retained by followers on Twitter…”

Erin Blaskie
Cleaning Up Your Twitter Account
September 8 by Erin Blaskie
“I follow people who share value, balance out business with personal Tweets, are willing to promote other people or share other people’s Tweets, avoid spamming a link in every Tweet and utilize different mediums in their Tweets – photos, videos, etc. Basically, I enjoy following people who keep it interesting. To suss out who those people were out of the 26,000 people I was following, I needed some help…”

Above The Law
The Group Blog v. The Personal Blog
September 9 by Adrian Dayton
“Are you a superstar or a team player? When it comes to law blogs, the question is: do you have your own blog, or are you part of a team that writes a group blog? With over 45% of the Am Law 200 now using blogs, amid mounting evidence that blogs bring both publicity and business, many firms are trying to figure out the best way to build a successful blog…”

Above the Law
Priorities Are a Big Deal When Moving to a Small Firm
Sept 9 by Little Richard
“Welcome back to Above the Law’s coverage of small law firm practice. I was pleased with the comments and emails I received in response to Tuesday’s opening volley. After debating on the subject matter for today’s post, I decided that since Small Law attorneys are quite comfortable, often by necessity, with diving right into the deep end of things, let’s get down to brass tacks: Are there actually jobs at small law firms and, if so, what should you consider before making the switch?…”

Law Firm Web Strategy Blog
How to Fix Your Law Firm’s Media Page
September 9 by Jordan Furlong
“A lot of law firm Media pages are devoted to compilations of published articles that the firm’s lawyers have written or for which they were interviewed. If you view the page’s subtext as “Our lawyers’ appearances in the media,” basically a marketing tool, then that makes sense — although I’ve come across very few clients who like to scroll through a giant list of published articles when choosing a lawyer. However, if you view the page’s subtext as “Information for members of the media” — which, by the way, reporters and editors tend to do — then it’s not exactly helpful in that regard. Here’s what I think a Media Page should include…”

Michigan Bar Journal
Best Practice Tips for the Virtual Law Office
September 2010 by Stephanie Kimbro (of Virtual Law Practice Blog)
“Most attorneys know it is their responsibility to keep up to date on the security risks associated with the use of technology for law practice management. Delivering legal services to clients online through a virtual law office, whether completely web-based or integrated into a traditional brick-and-mortar law office, requires added attention to daily best practices…”

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