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The Weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up

The Sociable Lawyer Round Up features some of the best blog entries on e-lawyering from the past week. We’re always looking for new posts, so if you know any great lawyer blogs, feel free to let us know! Enjoy!

An Associate’s Mind
New Legal Blogger Guide (PDF)
August 2010 by Keith Lee
After being frustrated with a lack of credible information or community that catered to my interests online, I decided to create one myself. Now that I’m one month in, I thought people might be interested in how it’s developed. What follows is a complete breakdown and analysis of: my traffic, referrers, top posts, interaction/clicks, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn), document hosting (JDSupra, Scribd), rankings, & resources…

The Legal Water Cooler
What Does Your Twitter Profile Say About You?
August 27 by Heather Morse
Not ONE of these profiles gives me any insight into the PERSON tweeting. They’re all about what they WANT from me…which is business. There’s nothing here that I can identify with, connect to, or find of interest. And then there are all the people who have NOTHING in their profile, or protect their profiles. Go away. #fail…

Legal Internet Marketing Blog
Do You LIKE Your Website?
August 30 by Susan L. Sipe
With the huge popularity of social networking sites, attorneys and law firms would be wise to establish a strong social networking presence. If you only pick one site to establish yourself on, Facebook should be it. Not only does the site have 500 million users worldwide, but it has essentially cornered the market on social interaction on the Internet, and is often the first place people go when they begin surfing the web. As of late, a popular part of the Facebook experience involves the site’s Like Button. That is, when a Facebook user stumbles across something on the site that they find interesting, or like, that user can choose to “Like” it…

The PR Lawyer
Cure for the Social Media Skeptic
August 30 by Katie Noonan
All of our employees engage in social media and have for a few years now. However, occasionally through speaking engagements or meetings with perspective business we come across the social media skeptic. They’re easy to recognize. They may scoff, hem and haw or scarier still- don a blank expression when the topic of social media comes up. If you should come across a skeptic, here are some excellent ways to ease them into social media engagement.

Legal Marketing Blog
Discover the Client’s Need Before Selling the Solution
August 31 by Tom Kane
Sometimes professionals are too busy talking about the solution to a problem they assume the client has, when in fact the client may not even recognize they have a problem. In other words, you can’t solve a problem that the client doesn’t know exists…

Litigation and Trial
August 31 by Maxwell Kennerly
Young Lawyers: Be Careful Emulating Great Trial Lawyers
The key is judgment. There’s no room for so-called courtroom “antics” and a trial lawyer should never break rules. That said, there are times when rules can be bent and, more importantly, there are many situations for which there isn’t really a “rule”…

Law Marketing Monitor
Sun Tzu On Strategy Vs. Tactics
September 1 by Jeff Berman
I often find myself speaking with attorneys about their online marketing only to become mired in discussions about tactics and logistics. Now don’t get me wrong, understanding the tactics someone will use to market your firm is important. However, if you do so while ignoring your overall strategy than your odds for success are minimal…

Research Digest Blog
9 Evidence-Based Study Tips
September 1 by The British Psychological Society
Adopt a growth mindset. Sleep well. Test yourself. Pace your studies. Vivid examples may not always work best. Take naps. Get handouts prior to the lecture. Believe in yourself…

Above The Law
Give Your Legal Writing Nine Lives
September 2 by Adrian Dayton
Writing a book, blog, article or white paper are all great ways to get noticed and build relationships in the legal industry. Unfortunately, practicing lawyers confront great demands on their time, and even though they have good intentions, the work of creating this type of content is often delegated to associates or put off altogether. Part of the problem is that writing blog posts and articles is a loss leader. You spend too much time writing without business coming in, and soon enough you’ll be out of business. Here is where social media and email marketing comes in. Every article and piece of content you create no longer has just one life. Now it can easily have nine. Hopefully one of these nine lives will give you the extra motivation to start writing more…

the [non]billable hour
Your Clients Don’t Care Where You Went To Law School

August 2010 by Matt Homann

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