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The Weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up

The Sociable Lawyer Round Up features some of the best blog entries on e-lawyering from the past week. If you know any great lawyer blogs, feel free to let us know! Enjoy!

Law Marketing Portal
Top 10 Website SEO Mistakes Law Firms Make
August 18 by Jeff Lantz
“The web pages of most law firms fail to take advantage of any search engine optimization techniques, and, as a result, their web pages will not rank highly in the search engine results for the legal practice areas that the firm is promoting on these same pages.These mistakes typically fall within one of the following ten categories:..”

Divorce Discourse
What The Virtual Office Advocates Aren’t Telling You
August 18 by Lee Rosen
There seems to be great interest on the part of attorneys in the concept of running a virtual firm and delivering services via phone, e-mail, and a web portal rather than conducting business in a traditional office.I think it’s a great idea. Unfortunately, most of the attorneys buying into the concept miss something important when they evaluate the likelihood of success of a virtual practice. Response: The Virtual Law Office Debate: Virtually Impossible To Succeed or Not? Response: Building a Solo Practice @ SPU The Virtual Law Office Debate…Really?

Portfolio Billing: A Valuable Option for Solos, Small Firms.
August 20 by Correy E. Stephenson
“Solos and small firms looking for ways to attract new customers and stabilize their income should consider an increasingly popular option: portfolio billing.Portfolio billing is an arrangement where a law firm takes on all the legal work – or a specific subset of legal work, like all employment litigation, for example – for a client at a flat fee…”

The Iowa Edict

Why Lawyers and Judges Need Blogs.
August 23 by Steve Lombardi
“Lawyers know squat-diddley about marketing; really we don’t understand the concept. Judges know less and I’m guessing they will admit their lack of understanding. So I have to wonder, do they need to better understand marketing?…”

The Careerist

10 Happy Tips for Lawyers
August 24 by Dan Bowling
“My lawyer friends sometimes ridicule me about my new vocation (“Hey, are we playing golf today or searching for truth and meaning?”). But they also want to learn about well-being. So do a growing number of law schools, law firms, and legal departments. The demand for answers (I would say cries for help, but everybody knows there’s no crying in law) is enormous. Everyone wants to know if happiness and law can coexist. They have good reason for asking…”

Sui Generis
Social Media for Large Law Firms
August 24 by Nicole Black
“Generally speaking, most large firms have established rather bland practice area blogs and, to the extent the firms have a presence on social media platforms, the social media accounts are used primarily to broadcast firm achievements rather than to provide valuable content and interaction. That is because most large law firms have been reluctant to enter the social media arena due to legitimate concerns about ethical and legal issues and a perceived lack of value…”
How Law Students Can Become Better Networkers
August 26 by Randall Ryder
“Even though the economy is making a minor comeback, jobs are still scarce. That means more and more law students are going to aggressively network as a means to land a job. Making some calls and sending emails does not cut it…”

Above the Law
Social Media Lessons from a Russian Sniper
August 26 by Adrian Dayton
“There’s an old saying: “It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know.” Interestingly, in the online world, it isn’t really about what you know or who you know — it’s about what you say, or more specifically, what you share online…”

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