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The Weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up

The Sociable Lawyer Round Up features some of the best blog entries on e-lawyering from the past week. We’re always looking for new posts, so if you know any great lawyer blogs, feel free to let us know! Enjoy!

Virtual Law Practice
How to Operate a Virtual Law Office
November 16 by Stephanie Kimbro
The title link takes you to Kimbro’s Vimeo channel. She has also written a great ebook on virtual law practices that you can read here.

Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio
How to Get Some Action
November 17 by Robert Bruce
“In this episode: The rock-solid path to building a successful online business; Why brand advertising will crush your business; Who can change the course of your marketing and how to reach them; The two most important responses you should be obsessing over; How to stop chasing customers, and get them running to you; What to do if all you have is sweat and time…”

What about Paris
Writing Well: Pretend You’re Not a Lawyer. Take a Stand.
November 17 by Holden Oliver
“The great publicly-traded businesses many of us represent take calculated risks every day. Pretend you are not the side-stepping risk-averse lawyer they expect. Give alternatives, push a strategy. If the GC accepts it–and it fails–take responsibility for some of the failure. But do make a decision, recommend something concrete–and take the hit if you are wrong.So what about sane writing by lawyers? How do you do it?..”

Brass Tack Thinking
Calling Bullshit on Social Media
November 18 by Tamsen McMahon
“Expertise is self-evident, not self-appointed. Beware of hyperbolic descriptors – yours or otherwise. You don’t get to say, really, what you are. We do. Are you listening?..”

Legal Talk Network
A Test Lab for Social Media in the Courts
November 18 by Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams
“The Order in the Court 2.0 project will turn a Massachusetts courtroom into a test lab for how courts deal with social media, electronic journalism and digital technology. Attorneys and co-hosts Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams discuss this pioneering program’s goals and challenges and the broader issues raised by bloggers, tweeters and other forms of new media in courtrooms nationwide…”

Social Media Examiner
How to Get the M.O.S.T. From Your Social Media Marketing
November 19 by Clement Yeung
“Many small businesses and solo entrepreneurs dive into social media marketing strategies without visualizing a bigger plan. What ensues is usually far from what they had hoped. Instead of attracting more leads and sales, they end up wasting time, money and passion. It doesn’t have to be this way…”

Law Business Tips
Law Firm Marketing on a Daily Basis
November 2010 by Nancy Byerly Jones
“Marketing is no longer an exclusive tool of larger firms nor is it a concept we can ignore and discount as an unnecessary expense. Every firm form the solo to the biggest conglomerate must effectively market itself in today’s competitive and ever-changing legal market. So, how can the smaller firm do this without breaking its budget or adding more time to its already crowded days?..”

Next week we won’t be posting The Weekly Sociable Lawyer Round Up. Happy Thanksgiving!

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