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The Sociable Lawyer Weekly Roundup – Cinco de Mayo Edition

While you were out celebrating Mexico’s freedom from French rule in 1862, we here at The Sociable Lawyer were compiling some of the most thought-provoking and engaging pieces on e-lawyering this week (don’t worry, I celebrated by wearing a sombrero while drafting this post). Topics this week include the launch of a new social networking site aimed at lawyers, the debate over outsourcing your firm’s social media strategy to third parties, and even effective networking techniques for professional events.  Think we missed something? Let us know online and we’ll be sure to consider it for next week’s edition!

New Legal Networking Site Seeks to Keep it Simple

“This week marks the private-beta launch of Lawford. Lawford’s developers have the ambitious goal of building the largest legal networking platform in the world. In fact, they say that they hope someday to have every lawyer in the world become a contributing part of the site.”

Consider yourself socially savvy when it comes to new media? Robert Ambrogi’s review of this beta legal networking site is a must-read for you, then. Lawford aims to gain some traction in the social networking sphere by offering innovative time saving features when it comes to account registration and online connections.  Be sure to take advantage of Ambrogi’s free invitation code and report back to us on your first impressions!

Communicating: How to Behave at an Event

“Do you view networking as a necessary evil? Do you get tongue-tied at cocktail parties? Does making small talk at conferences rate somewhere between vacuuming the car and sitting in the front row of a heavy metal concert? Do we have some tips for you!”

Sometimes it’s necessary to come out from behind that smart phone screen and do some ol’ fashioned handshakin’. While communicating via Twitter and Facebook definitely has its perks, don’t forget that the whole point of online engagement is to cement connections that were previously made offline. We’re always advocating for putting the social back in social media here at The Sociable Lawyer, so we hope to see you put some of these tips to use at our next Meetup event!

Top 7 Time Wasters for Lawyers

“As  part of  our business development coaching for lawyers, I help my clients identify time wasters in their routine or habits. Time wasters will eat up your time and prevent you from focusing on what’s really important. The question to ask here is: Are you getting things done OR are you making things happen?

Our Sociable Lawyer Meetup member, Paramjit Mahli, offers up a collection of common time management mistakes and the methods to remedy them! Procrastination, lack of organization and the power of “no” are just a few points covered in this post. Included is a link for a teleclass that can help you practice better time management skills.

FYI: iPhones Track More Than Location

“It wasn’t until after meeting digital security expert/forensic evaluators Sharon Nelson and John W. Simek at Techshow several years back, that I learned iPhones were not only expensive and unreliable, but that they also hold and store a lot more information than just cell tower locations.”

In addition to location, did you know that your iPhone also captures and stores information such as call logs, address books, text messages and even screen shots? Legal virtual assistant Andrea Cannavina offers a fresh and candid take on the privacy and confidentiality issues surrounding the iPhone. Included in her blog post are links to resources that relay how these issues apply to lawyers in particular.

Outsourcing Blogs and Social Media

“Some marketing and PR companies claim to be able to effectively blog and participate in social media on behalf of individual lawyers or their firms. But can outsourcing your blogging and social media really work for lawyers?”

Allison Shields lays out the pros and cons of outsourcing your social media strategy in black and white. Before you hand over your Twitter and Facebook accounts to a marketing or PR company, be sure to read over the reasons why effective social media networking for lawyers and their law firms is best left to, well, lawyers and their law firms.

BigLaw: Which Movie Does Your Law Firm’s Social Media Policy Most Closely Resemble?

“So what’s it going to be for your firm? Complete prohibition like in Footloose? Only allowing a one or two messengers like in A Few Good Men? Or will you teach your lawyers, provide them with guidelines, and trust that they won’t organize a raiding party? As the captain, you need to make the right social media decision, or your ship may end up in Davy Jones’ Locker.”

Originally published in BigLaw’s April newsletter, TechnoLawyer brings those of us without a subscription this amusing take on social media policies within your firm. Drawing parallels between three classic films, like A Few Good Men, this article will leave you with a few good laughs and perhaps an enlightened approach towards your online outreach.

Also, do keep in mind that we are always looking for readers to contribute rich and intriguing content to our blog.  Guest blog entries can cover any range of topics relevant to new media and legal technology.  If you would like to submit a blog post for The Sociable Lawyer Blog, please contact us and let us know!

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