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The Sociable Lawyer Roundup: iPodcast (And You Can, Too!)

A Sociable Lawyer by definition is made up of two parts. The first part — ‘sociable’ —  details a personality trait that thrives on networking and establishing professional connections, while the second half — ‘lawyer’ — is a bit more self-explanatory. The intersection where these two halves meet and create the whole is online: lawyers who embrace web 2.0 and social media as a means for marketing, business development, and professional networking.  In this regard, it is true that ‘content is king’ for those who aim to expand their sphere of influence online. The quality of material you provide for your audience greatly dictates the reception and subsequent spread of your work to the masses. What if, however, after a full day of drafting legal briefs geared towards a concise and proven point, you find yourself lacking in the creative writing department?

You may find then that your saving grace is in the form of a podcast: an online series of digital files (both audio and video) that are released episodically and available for download, subscription, or streaming. If you are the type who would rather unwind in the evening with a strong drink, good friend, and lively discussions on topical issues, you may have very well already stumbled across your first podcast episode. Why not throw a microphone on the table besides that bottle of brandy and share your opinions and insights on the legal profession? Below we have rounded up four podcasts in the legal community that do just that: offer their communities an engaging web presence on a platform that is more personality than it is page font. Let us know what you think (or rather, what you’re listening to) in the comment section or come at us online via Twitter or Facebook. (Legal disclaimer: The Sociable Lawyer does not condone podcasting under the influence (PUI) and can not be held liable for the content produced as a result, as humorous as it may be.)

The Rocket Lawyer Podcast

The Rocket Lawyer Podcast features commentary on topical legal issues hosted by Charley Moore, founder and chairman of Rocket Lawyer, and Juliana Olsson, senior content producer. In addition to their own insights, the podcast often features other industry experts who provide their slant on the topic at hand. On the most recent episode of ‘The Legally Easy Podcast,’ Charley Moore is joined by guests Veronica Allen, attorney, and Bill Ong Hing, immigration expert and professor, as they discuss policy reform around immigration during the Obama administration. Others topics touched on in this episode include the forever-filibustered DREAM Act, controversial legislation Arizona SB 1070, and Charley and Veronica’s own closing thoughts on the need for comprehensive illegal immigration reform in America.

Legal Talk Network

Launched in May 2005, Legal Talk Network produces original podcasts hosted in a talk-show format by leading attorneys and legal experts. With a variety of niche podcasts ranging from the paralegal profession to legal technology, LTN boasts many accolades, such as consistently rounding out the top ten in iTunes for legal podcasts with their featured content, and over four million downloads. Today we highlight New Solo, a podcast hosted by Kyle R. Guelcher, solo practitioner and Chair of the Young Lawyers Division of the Massachusetts Bar Association. ‘New Solo’ places an emphasis on content that includes social media, the advent of the ‘virtual law office,’ and the transition from law student to lawyer in general. On their most recent episode, entitled ‘Alternative Law Office Arrangements,’ Guelcher is joined by attorney Andrea J. Hable as she discusses her own practice and how it harnesses legal technology. Hable elaborates on the advantages and disadvantages to having a virtual law office, a technology based practice that cements most of the client interaction online.

Listen and download here: Alternative Law Office Arrangements

Law and Disorder Radio

If you are an attorney with at vested interest in civil liberties, privacy issues and U.S. foreign policy, then ‘Law and Disorder Radio’ is for you. Hosted by Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Heidi Boghosian, executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild, and Michael Steven Smith, author and humans rights advocate, this podcast dissects controversial cases and progressive rights issues. Their wide range of guests includes grassroots activists, authors, and attorneys. Their most recent podcasts finds host Ratner joined by Abdeen Jabara, civil rights lawyer and former president of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. They discuss the most recent political and economical shifts in Egypt and detail the current state of the country after the fall of dictator Mubarak. Also analyzed are Europe and America’s interest in Egypt, as the country struggles to forge an identity and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Listen and download here: Law and Disorder: May 23, 2011

Legal IT Professionals: Video Blog Column by Natalie Huha

Natalie Huha produces a video blog column for Legal IT Professionals that focuses on the advent of new legal technology within the legal profession. With infectious personality, Huha speaks on topics including the latest technology practices for law firms, social networking in the age of web 2.0, and trending topics in legal tech. Her most recent column for Legal IT Professionals is the second in a series of five that focuses on social media in the legal realm. Joining Huha in this series is Lindsay Griffiths, Director of Network Development at the International Lawyers Network.  While the first in the series discusses standard social media philosophies for attorneys, the second video blog touches on the advantages and disadvantages of social media for both small and large firms.

Watch here: A ‘Social Legal’ World Part 1 and A ‘Social Legal’ World Part 2


Do you create a podcast or video blog with original content geared towards the legal profession and legal technology? We’re looking for a contributor who can provide do’s, don’ts, stories and tips about podcasting. If you would like to submit a blog post to The Sociable Lawyer, please contact us and let us know!

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