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The Health and Economic Benefits of Thanking Your Team

I saw a great band this weekend. It was just one guy, though, so I’m not sure I can really call him a band. He did everything from drum beats, to guitar, to singing, etc. He had a technical set-up that allowed him to do this. While the one-man band did surprisingly well for being, well, a one-man band, it seemed like it could have been much better if he actually had a team with him. It reminded me of how much I rely on the support of my several teams at Rocket Lawyer to succeed — I would be nothing without them.

If you’re a successful small business owner, or are on the path to becoming one, you don’t need me to remind you to thank your teams this Thanksgiving. But, there are a few benefits you may not be aware of wrapped up in those “thanks” that you should know.

Happy Wife = Happy Life

It should be easy to be, or at least to say, you are thankful for your team at home — your friends and family. I’ve tried to live my life by the famous expression: “Happy Wife = Happy Life.” A Harvard study even went so far as to show a correlation between happiness and positive social connections that’s stronger than the connection between smoking and cancer. Amen to that!

The support and encouragement that comes from friends and family will help make your wins even more exciting and continue to get you through the inevitable rough patches.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), approximately 52 percent of US small businesses are home-based. This being the case, we can assume there’s a lot of paperwork piled up on dining room tables across the country right now. Thank your family for putting up with you and clear the table off before your friends arrive and the turkey is carved this year! Trust me on this one. Everyone benefits.

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The One-Man Band!

Think, Thank and Show.

All small businesses either have employees or are working with others in some way. Be thankful for those that you trust and depend on — and show it.

Studies show that workers who feel appreciated are twice as likely to stick around at companies than those who don’t feel appreciated. Do you really want the folks you depend on leaving?

If not for them, consider it selfish and do it for yourself. Studies do show that acts of kindness release serotonin in your brain which which can help you feel more blissful. The recent SF Batkid phenomenon shows how this feeling of goodwill can even uplift the spirits of an entire city (as well as one heroic boy)!

Positive psychology expert Shawn Achor even recommends going so far as to write down three new things you’re thankful for everyday to help wire your brain to be more positive which in turn will boost your productive energy by 31 percent. Again, everyone benefits!

No One-Man-Band

In life and business there aren’t really any one-man-bands. Thanksgiving is a great time of year to stop for a bit and appreciate those that keep your music playing and sounding so good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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