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Rocket Lawyer Reads: Technology vs. Humanity

Humanity and Technology are starting to intersect one another and are changing more rapidly than ever before. The clash between man and machine has created amazing innovations for humanity but also may start to create a threat to it as well. There is always the chance we will become servants to our own inventions and humanity will suffer the consequences. Gerd Leonhard, a known futurist says in his book ‘Technology vs. Humanity”, “In the very near future, it will no longer be about whether technology can do something but whether it should something – and why.”

Gerd Leonhard, wrote “Technology vs. Humanity” as an eye opener and manifesto. It is a book aimed at sparking up the debate regarding technology and humanity started. Mankind has the urge to upgrade and make everything automated that we don’t stop to think about how technology is changing quickly and that humanity is not taking the time to adapt and how this will affect the future. We need to start asking the big question, how are we going to embrace technology without becoming it? The book makes you think about how we can use the power of science and technology to advance humanity, instead of solely focusing on the profit.

The book is not written as a “How To” guide but as an overview of the many different mega-shifts that are starting to happen. Such as, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, digital obesity, the printing of food and the death of privacy. Each section or chapter provides different scenarios of how things may play out if we continue on the path we are going. It is set up to spark that conversation and open discussion of what the future will look like and what we can do to make the change a good one for humanity or for technology depending on what side you are on.

This book was a very fun, interesting, and current read. We, as humans can control and shape the outcome of our future if we start paying attention now. The book is very well written and detailed. The structure and overview of each subject are relevant for today and provides an understanding of the future of both technology and humanity. If you ever question your relationship with technology or want to have an idea of what is in store for the future pick it up today. It will open your mind and eyes to things you never even considered.

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