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Super Bowl sublet: Make it legal

Planning to sublet your place for the Super Bowl? Whether you rent an apartment or own your own property, you need to understand the legality behind subletting your place. Here are a few other factors to consider before you sublet your place for the Super Bowl weekend.

I’m a renter

If you don’t own the property you live in, the first thing you need to do is look at and carefully review your Lease Agreement. In most agreements, landlords have a clause that specifies if subletting is or isn’t allowed. If your Lease Agreement doesn’t explicitly explain if subletting is allowed, contact your landlord. It’s best to double check with your landlord instead of risking your tenancy or getting caught in potential litigation. It’s best to avoid that dreaded Eviction Notice by checking your Lease Agreement or asking your landlord about subletting your place.

I’m a property owner

Depending on where you live, you may have to apply for a Bed & Breakfast License. The process can be costly, usually requires paperwork, and may take up to a year to get approved. If you’ve already applied and approved for a Bed & Breakfast License, then you’re one step ahead of the game. Be sure you check in with your local county and city to find out if they require you to pay hotel tax. Cities like San Francisco require you to pay a pretty hefty hotel tax, while places like Napa Valley has the benefit of no hotel tax. Check with your local county to find out the specifics surrounding subleasing your own property for the weekend.

I’m ready to sublet

If your Lease Agreement approves subleasing or you’ve settled the paperwork and cost that surround subleasing your own property, the next thing you need to do is draft up a Sublease Agreement. It’s one of the best ways to legally protect yourself when subletting your place. Putting your agreement in writing helps both parties get on the same page. In a Sublease Agreement, you can outline the specifics of the arrangement. What is the length of the sublease? How much will the sublease cost? What are the house rules?

In the end, it’s best to check with your local county and city laws before you decide to sublet your place for Super Bowl weekend. If you have any legal questions, we have a network of lawyers that can clear up any confusion.

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