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Suds and Stars Wars Square Off in Syracuse


Empire Brewing Co. of Syracuse New York has been brewing and serving their German Bock-style malted beer, Strikes Bock, for seven years and business has been good. Empire is currently trademarking the beer’s name to prepare for bottling and distribution.

Unfortunately for Empire, the creators of Star Wars, Lucasfilm, discovered their rebel trademark application (they applied for the mark “Empire Strikes Bock”) and formally opposed it on the grounds that it weakens (or, in legalese, “dilutes”) Lucasfilm’s own trademark on the film, “Empire Strikes Back”.

As with any good lager, dilution begins to destroy the trademark, watering down the integrity of the mark, until there’s nothing left. Disney, the owners of Lucasfilm, has a long history of aggressively protecting its intellectual property, and its IP litigation department has a reputation of being among the best in the world.

Their frosty approach to infringement has thawed slightly though on the matter of their latest film, Frozen. Disney attacked tons of fans after the fans created their own artwork to express their fandom. The backlash from the fans forced Disney to drop their claims and let the infringement slide. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Star Wars themed beers will be benefiting from this change of heart.

Here are the top 10 Star Wars beers we wish existed but LucasArts would NEVER let fly.

  1. It’s A Trappist Ale!
  2. Lambic Calrissian
  3. Chew-Bock-a
  4. Oud Bruin-Wan Kenobi
  5. Kölsh-3PO
  6. Sith Red Ale
  7. That’s No Moonshine Homebrew
  8. Boba Fett’s Bitter
  9. Darth Mault Lager
  10. A New Hop IPA

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