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Stay Productive With Evernote’s To-Do List Feature

Do you ever have those days where you have so many things you need to accomplish that you don’t even know where to start? I certainly do. On days like that I find it especially important to organize my to-do list so that I can tackle projects one at a time in order of their importance. Indeed, staying organized is the best way to maintain productivity. I’ve often discussed how much I love using Evernote in my practice. I use it to organize my case files, take notes on the go, and even draft memos and other documents. Evernote also allows you to create quick and easy to-do lists that you can access easily on the go.

As I’ve mentioned before, the beauty of Evernote is that it is a cross platform tool that allows you to access your files and notes from anywhere in the world. If your busy day includes leaving the office, it can be especially helpful to access your to-do list on the go.

With Evernote you can create your initial to-do list on your home computer, mobile phone, or tablet, by simply creating a new note. If you are accessing your Evernote account from your computer, then you can find a checkbox icon that reads “insert to-do” in your toolbar. If you click on it, it creates a square check box in your note. If you click on that box Evernote adds a check mark inside the box. Thus, you can easily create to-do lists with the app and then check off tasks as you complete them.

It’s just as easy to do on your mobile phone too. When you create a new note you’ll see a capital “A” next to keyboard icon. If you click on the capital “A” then it brings up a toolbar that includes the check box icon. Thus, because you can access your Evernote from your iPad and iPhone you can add and check off tasks while you are on the go. The specific steps I’ve described apply to iPhone and iPad, but it’s just as easy on a Droid-operated device.

In my experience, one of the best things about Evernote is its versatility. This is just another example of that. Do you have any creative ways you use Evernote? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo courtesy of Evernote.


  1. Siska says:

    Note that this feature is NOT available on Windows Phone 7 or Blackberry (both for smartphones and the Playbook)

  2. David Ward says:

    You can also manage tasks with tags and I prefer them. Tags allow you to differentiate tasks by type, person, location, project, priority, and other factors.

    Some people like to put all tasks in one notebook but that makes searching more challenging. Tags (and check marks) are searchable throughout your account.

    Evernote is so flexible it can be used for task management, case management (as you mention), document management, contact management, marketing, just about anything you can think of. I use it all day, every day, in all aspects of my work flow. It’s truly an amazing app.

    David M. Ward
    Author of Evernote for Lawyers: A Guide for Getting Organized & Increasing Productivity

  3. Matthew says:

    Thanks David! I definitely agree with all of your comments. I use Evernote for every aspect of my case management.