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Sociable Lawyer Round Up: Lawyers and Law Firms on Facebook, Oh My!

When ‘word of mouth’ referrals turn into ‘word of wall,’ will clients be able to find you?

In the pantheon of online social networks, only one reigns supreme as the most well ‘liked’: Facebook. If you feel that your active Twitter handle or legal blog already constitute enough of an online presence, consider reevaluating your professional stance on the world’s largest social network. Lawyers who are on Facebook reap the benefits of personal referrals, free online marketing, and the development of professional relationships.

Specifically, the creation of a Facebook Page for yourself or your firm is a great marketing tool.  Through your page you can connect with potential clients (and even professional colleagues) by sharing with them postings, notes, videos, and blogs relevant to your field. Visitors to your page get a better understanding of your legal expertise and, in turn, feel more confident about reaching out to you.  What they couldn’t fully comprehend in a thirty second commercial is now readily digestible at their convenience. If you’re a lawyer who is unsure how to implement Facebook marketing for your practice, join us below as we round up some prime examples of effective Facebook Pages.

Taylor Law Office:

The ‘info’ tab should be the first section of your Facebook page that you populate. While a Facebook Wall or Photo Albums may engage visitors, the end goal of establishing a profile is to encourage them to make that business connection with you.  Notice that Taylor Law Office included their address (along with a Bing map location), phone number, websites, and even hours of operation. If you anticipate that you will not have the time to aggressively maintain your Facebook page, it is important you make clear the best means of contacting you.

Law Office of Daniel X. Nguyen:

Attorney Dan Nguyen capitalizes on the advent of QR codes by featuring his in a Facebook album. With your smart phone, you can scan the image and download Nguyen’s office address, phone number, email, and website.  You can then add his contact information to your phone and either dial or email Nguyen directly from the application you’re using. For those without a pencil in a pinch, this an extremely convenient way of collecting and saving professional contacts.

Tarshis, Catania Liberth Mahon & Milligram, PPLC

“Let our experience be your guide.” With a comforting tag line accompanying a prominently displayed image of a compass, Tarshis, Catania, Liberth, Mahon, & Milligram, LLC, welcome their users with a customized Facebook application. When you visit their website, you notice that their Facebook design actually mirrors their home page. The law firm is also keen on directing visitors to ‘like’ their page, with a call to action placed atop the application.

Vitt Law Firm:

Ran by husband and wife attorney duo, Robert and Yvonne Vitt, the Vitt Law Firm is using their Facebook page as an extension of both their professional and personal lives. Peppered with non-legal, non-firm-related status updates, this profile aims to parlay personal connections into professional results. Note the status update about the birth of their son and the number of likes and comments it garnered. While you should always remain cautious about the content you post, it certainly doesn’t hurt to expose the person underneath the lawyer.


When you first visit the Facebook page of DGVE Law, you are automatically taken to their e-newsletter sign up form. This is another great use of Facebook applications and can help establish your profile as an extension of your practice’s website. Users can subscribe directly from the Facebook profile, without being redirected to another site or form.  You have to imagine that most users perusing your Facebook profile are already interested in your practice, so it is smart to capitalize on that interest by readily offering other means of communication.

Johnston, Moore & Thompson:

If you are keen on showcasing your legal knowledge to establish your expertise, consider adding the JD Supra Docs application to your profile. This app enables attorneys to share their legal documents directly on their Facebook profile in a tab all its own. Furthermore, a status update automatically posts to your profile every time one of your new documents are published on JD Supra. With a wide range of published documents, Johnston, Moore, and Thompson are enhancing both their Facebook profile and reputation in one fell swoop.


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