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Sociable Lawyer Round Up: Don’t Get Left Out; Get LinkedIn!

A fully optimized LinkedIn profile is an undeniable asset to your attorney toolbox.

From its earnest beginnings as the working professional’s answer to Facebook up until a recent IPO that valued the company at $8.9 billion, LinkedIn has an undeniably powerful presence on web. And while several of its functions are now standard across the social networking spectrum (editable profiles, peer search, shared contacts, and groups), what distinguishes LinkedIn from the pack is that it functions as a productivity tool that compliments your online community.

As a savvy attorney, you may know a thing or two about online productivity. Whether you’re promoting your law firm with a Facebook Fan Page or combing for clients on Twitter, you understand the importance of streamlined and trusted communication platforms. This is why you need to be sure that you’re fully optimizing your LinkedIn profile. It is much more than a static online resume; it is an opportunity to capitalize on your career connections. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Join us below as we round up a collection of voices touting the virtues of a well-maintained LinkedIn account.

Real Lawyers Have Blogs: LinkedIn groups remain excellent networking opportunity for lawyers

“Starting a group on LinkedIn is a wonderful networking and business development opportunity for you as a lawyer. Whether it’s focused on a locale (state, town, metro area) or niche area of the law, the doors are wide open.  Don’t worry if there’s a similar group already in existence. There’s plenty of lawyers in your town or niche that are competing against you. Does that you mean you pull in the shutters and not go out to network to build relationships and extend your word of mouth reputation? Hardly.”

Marketing Strategy and The Law: Five LinkedIn Tips That Lawyers Don’t Know

“Did you just spend 10 hours preparing a powerpoint presentation for a CLE nobody attended? No worries — you can upload the slides to the social network and then add your latest power point slides directly to your LinkedIn account. Once you have set up the account by following the Slideshare prompts, you can simply click on “More” and then “Get more applications” and finally choose “Slideshare” and your presentations will be added to your profile just below your profile summary.”

Social Media for Law Firms: How To Use LinkedIn To Connect With Potential Clients

“It’s also a good idea to view the Groups and Associations field under Additional Information on your desired contacts profile.  Do you share the same industry? Do you have common interests?  Make sure the connection is authentic before jumping in.  You don’t want to come off spammy.  LinkedIn groups are forums relating to one topic.  They can be public or private.  It’s a good idea to watch the group dynamic when you first join.”

Attorney At Work: Five Nifty LinkedIn Tips

“Keep track of someone (or something). If you haven’t already discovered it, there is a “Search” text box near the top of the LinkedIn screen. Type in the zip code, title, industry, name or whatever you wish to search on. Again, near the top, you’ll find a “Save This Search” link. You can save as many as three searches this way and you’ll be notified by email every time the results change for that search. You can get sophisticated with your searches, too. Say you want to locate people who have handled marketing for Geico. Just enter “Geico” and “Marketing” and search. You’ll get a list of people who have been involved in Geico marketing in the past or present—either in or outside your personal network.”

Thoughts of Forwardness: 7 Attorney Mistakes On LinkedIn

“Whether you are focusing on building referrals or client development, if you practice in a specific area of law, you will want people to think of you when specific legal issues arise for them or their clients in that area of law.  Legal articles can be good items to post but sometimes even lawyers find scholarly articles something to put at the bottom of their reading pile; consider posting interesting news articles or interesting commentary related to issues in your areas of law so that your posts are more likely to be read.  These posts can help people to remember your areas of practice.”

Blog Talk Radio: LinkedIn For Lawyers With Mary Erlain (Video)

“Mary gives hands-on LinkedIn workshops all over the Chicagoland area.  The LinkedIn site and features continues to change and improvements can be easy to miss.  On this episode I’m going to ask Mary all sorts of questions about how lawyers can start using LinkedIn today and some best practices for lawyers.  Tune in!”


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