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Sociable Lawyer Round Up: The Social Network Edition

What isn’t there to ‘like’ about their original $65 million settlement?

While the Winkelvoss twins may very well be gearing up for another court house rumble with social networking powerhouse Facebook (appealing to SCOTUS, no less!), we here at the Sociable Lawyer are taking a less aggressive approach to social media. Below you will find a collection of posts that will help you better navigate social networks. It’s not enough to simply create a Twitter handle with haphazard updates or merely be the first to claim that vanity Facebook URL; continuous and meticulous follow-up of your online community is what reaps real world results. Online engagement that leads to real business is something that all lawyers can agree to ‘like.’

Facebook for Lawyers: Wonderful Relationship Building Medium for Business Development

“It’s relationships built on trust that are the foundation of business development success for you as a lawyer, whether you’re in a large law firm or on your own.  Rather than look at the Internet as law firm websites, alerts, and email newsletters, look at the Internet as an opportunity to accelerate relationships and grow your word of mouth reputation as a good lawyer. Facebook is such an accelerator.”

Kevin O’ Keefe advocates for lawyers to utilize their Facebook profiles and pages as effective marketing mediums online. The argument here is that your online presence should be an extension for your various ‘relationship baskets’ from offline, e.g. parents of your children’s playmates or peers from your professional social circle. You can apply a professional and personal approach to your online interactions, peppering your digital footprint with hallmarks from both realms in an effort to create or maintain genuine connections. In turn, these relationships enhance your ‘word of mouth’ reputation as a lawyer and yield real world results for your practice.

Marketing Strategies: Facebook Interaction vs. Blog Comments

“There’s a whole other level of commitment when someone likes your Facebook Page. They’re exposing their personal diary to you. It’s a proactive “like” rather than a reactive Twitter follow-back.  Fans are privy to one or two meaningful posts each day, unlike the 23 status updates on Twitter, coalescing the attention and response of a budding community.”

Are you discouraged by the fact that your thousands of followers on Twitter only net you a handful of retweets and occasional mentions? Maybe you’ve grown wary of blogs that are bombarded in the comment section with ‘BUY DESIGNER SHOES NOW’ or ‘DISCOUNT PERSIAN RUGS’ spam accounts. When it comes down to the quality and quantity of feedback for social media outreach, Tim Baran believes that Facebook offers the most powerful platform for exchange. Facebook Pages as a strategic marketing maneuver can increase traffic towards your practice’s website or blog, while also creating and maintaining a community that is not only aware of your legal profession, but engaged too. Again, the interactions you cultivate in the virtual realm build your credibility that translates into business in the real world.

Facebook Postings Barred From Discovery in Accident Case

“According to the defense motion, filed by attorneys at Moore & Riemenschneider, Piccolo (plaintiff) testified she had a Facebook account and was asked at deposition if the defense counsel could send a “neutral friend request” to Piccolo so that he could review the Facebook postings Piccolo testified she made every day.”

Legal ethics issues regarding discoverable online activity is surely a monster that more and more lawyers will have to battle with as social media continues to integrate itself into the legal realm. While most Facebook profiles and postings are public by default, it is private profiles that cause consternation among lawyers and judges alike. In this case, Judge Albert J. Cepparulo rules against the defense’s motion for full access to the plaintiff’s postings and pictures online as a means to determining damages.  Maybe this will make you think twice about neglecting to review that Facebook privacy policy, even if it would be comparable to reading through the United States Constitution.

How to Build Your Law Firm’s ‘Company Profile’ on LinkedIn

“Company Pages are a company’s profile of record on LinkedIn and a powerful way to speak to millions of professionals through word-of-mouth recommendations and trusted testimonials. It’s like a LinkedIn profile for a company.”

Perhaps you’ve heard that just yesterday, a little start up known as LinkedIn finished their first day as a publicly traded company that placed their value at roughly $8.9 billion. If there was ever an acceptable time to jump on the band wagon, that time would be now. Straight from the 8.9 billion dollar horse’s mouth, this overview guides you through the process of setting up your law firm’s corporate profile on this professional network. With the ability to integrate your company’s blog posts or Twitter updates, a company page provides another way to humanize your firm while interacting with millions of professionals online. Think of how your own LinkedIn profile may have benefited you in the past; a company profile can prove to be just as beneficial for your firm.

Ohio Law Firm Introduces App That Notifies Potential Hires About Available Jobs

‘”We’re really looking for people who are using this technology,” Chris Reuscher, chair of the hiring committee, told, “and students are looking for firms that are ahead of the curve.”‘

Yup, there’s an app for that, too. Favorite comment from the blog post goes to Tim, who writes: “Soon to be followed by an app that notifies applicants they’ve been rejected.” Ouch. Now there’s an iPhone update we can do without.


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  1. Allen Robert says:

    The social network is growing greatly, that’s lawyer a great opportunity to obtain the praise aside concerning their very own techniques in addition to obtain a lot more of those desired situations. The lawyer social network benefits such as word-of-mouth referrals, brand recognition as well as Social proof and trust as well as believe in.

  2. People today retain solicitors based upon have faith in. So they are mentioned your attorney and also believe that an attorney offers the correct competence plus practical experience you have to succeed its instance.Facebook gives law firms the ability to share their knowledge with prospective customers and clients, making it more likely that they’ll be chosen over a competitor.

  3. I have often face this dilemma of how to reach my potential customers through social networking. Though I am quite net savvy, I find it hard to use the different social media platforms to connect with my clients. So what I did was to integrate all the major social media accounts like twitter, facebook, google plus etc. Now I just post any comment or update in any 1 site and it get updated in all.

    Hope others can take clue from this.