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Sociable Lawyer Round Up: For Lawyers Looking To Lounge Come Labor Day

Honor your own year-round labor this weekend and take a load off!

With the symbolic end of summer rapidly approaching (read: Labor Day weekend), many of you are firing up the ol’ grill for one last hurrah in the sun. The burgers are sizzlin’, the iced tea is chillin’, and all the while you’re Tweetin’.

Did something seem out of place in that last paragraph?

Keeping in line with the spirit of this festive holiday weekend, perhaps you should think twice before firing up those other everyday appliances: the laptop, the smart phone, and, yes, even the iPad. In a digital age where 24/7 connectivity across multiple platforms is the rule rather than the exception, take this weekend as a golden opportunity for disconnecting.

Why rush to review those new ‘Top 10 Tips for Lawyer Marketing’ the very moment after they were tweeted? Surely they will still be the same top ten tips come Tuesday. Take a moment to come out from behind that hazy glow of your screen (or at least one of them) and embrace the weekend! And who knows, maybe some rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul will land you a new idea for a blawg post. Perhaps something like, ‘From Hot Links to LinkedIn: Top 5 BBQ Tips to Apply to Online Networking’ or ‘Grilling with Google+: Now You’re Cooking!’

You get the idea.

Need some help unwinding? Check out the smattering of posts below that cover just how pervasive social media use is among peers in your profession and remedies for the subsequent digital overload.  Happy Labor Day!

Kevin O’ Keefe: Real Lawyers Have Blogs

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David Ward: The Attorney Marketing Center

[blackbirdpie url=”!/AttyMktng/status/109002613198041088″]

Jayne Navarre: Virtual Marketing Officer

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Niall Harbison: Simply Zesty

[blackbirdpie url=”!/SimplyZesty/status/109273364983582720″]

Joel Zand: Justia 

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