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#Smallbiz Wrap: Why $2 Billion Ad Budgets Stink

I just checked with Rebecca Black and it’s Friday. (It comes right after Thursday now. Make a note of it.) As is our custom, we’re bringing you our ten favorite business nuggets of the week and, let me say, there’s some good stuff in here. Like the website for Space Jam. And the first banner ad ever. And smart people. Tons of smart people saying smart things. Which reminds me: I should stop talking now.

Hate social media? Well, you’re not alone. A third of small business owners should consider quitting Twitter, et al. #you’llbeback

Creative people are often tortured artist types, right? Negative, ghostrider. Really enjoyed this piece on the the myths of creativity and what you can learn from super smart geniuses. Other than “whoa. Dude is SMART.”

Speaking of smart dudes: Einstein. Here’s how to solve problems like a genius. Also, for the record, Einstein would’ve raked in some Movember donations.

Total page views aren’t worth fretting over. Find out what is.

Things to avoid: usable, but useless products. Like horse rollerblades, for example. Or Friendster.

Here’s the web first banner ad ever. Surprise! It’s hideous.

5 trends that will shape small business in 2013. Related: 1 trend that shaped this small business article in 2012: a preponderance of buzzwords.

Speaking of old web, this is really fun: 23 ancient websites that are still alive.  A subtle reminder to keep your site looking non-horrible. That Space Jam website is pretty boss though.

Mickey Mouse bought Han Solo. George Lucas had a plan, but what’s going to happen when you want to pass your business on? Holding your breath for that Donald Duck money is probably a bad idea.

Next time you’re bummed you don’t have enough money to spend on ads, remember this: Obama and Romney spent 2 BILLION dollars to convince almost no one to change their minds.

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