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#Smallbiz Wrap: What Business Will Look Like in 2013

Happy apocalypse, friends. I trust it finds you well. And by “well” I mean, not getting bombarded by comets and poisonous monkeys.

With that obligatory cataclysm reference out of the way, let me invite you to our last business roundup of 2012. It’s been a tremendous year for us here at Rocket Lawyer HQ and we hope yours was similarly magnificent. And if it was anything but, well, that’s what new year’s resolutions are for. Because I’m gonna lose 20 pounds and write the great American novel by March. Just you wait.

Have a great holiday season, everyone. Also, enjoy our weekly jaunt through business journalism, this time chock full of forward thinking and 100% more mid-90s alternative rock content.

20 tech trends that will define 2013. Like tablet computing getting cheaper. And apps becoming invisible. And robot dinosaurs serving you brunch.

Here’s what’ll happen to social next year. Including, apparently, fancy Ivy league schools teaching their business types about social media. Thank God “ZOMG” and “LOL” will finally be in a syllabus at a prestigious university. #cryingselftosleep

Speaking of, there’s a Next Big Thing in Social every year. We just had Pinterest. Here’s what to expect in 2013. Because you need more accounts to share that gif of that cat eating that thing.

Some digital trends in the new year, including the rise of Do It With Me services. Like us. Hooray.

If you’re anything like me, every new year involves a resolution towards increased productivity. Here are seven real live software & web tools to help you do more in less time. Also available: those pills they sell long haul truckers.

And, why not? Let’s look five years into the future. In 2018, you will be able to smell things through your computer. I welcome the smellputer and all that it stands for.

Meanwhile, will domestic manufacturing increase in 2013? Let’s hope so.

Freelancers have health hazards. Like vitamin D deficiency. Seriously. If you have this problem, see that glowing orb in the sky? It’s a sun. Go sit under it.

How your work environment affects your creativity. Related: I should probably clean my desk. This newspaper from 2010 has lost a bit of its shine.

And lastly, don’t hire losers. Unless it’s Beck. Because he’s doing pretty well for himself, last I checked.

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