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#Smallbiz Wrap: Twitter, Coffee, and Bad Grammar

Where last week’s roundup was all about customer service the lessons you could learn from giraffes, chickens, and The Mouse, this week’s edition finds us taking the pulse of small business in America, bad grammar, and printable meat. Yes, printable meat. As a man who still enjoys a nice slab of SPAM, roasted over a campfire, I must admit I’m intrigued. But I’m going to need someone else to try it first. It’s a canary in a coal mine thing, except with foodstuffs that might come out of a whirring inkjet. If you’d like to be a tester, go ahead and leave a comment.

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Small business is hiring when big business won’t. We survey small business owners every three months to see how they’re feeling and what their biggest hopes and fears are. Also, infographics. Everyone loves infographics.

Congratulations scientists! You drink more coffee than anyone else.

If you bought Twitter followers, now everyone’s going to know about it. And c’mon. That’s kind of sad. You want engagement, not numbers.

Wood u hire some1 with bad grammer? The New York Times invited some business owners to have a debate about the importance of spelling and punctuation. Good arguments on both sides of the issue to be sure, but as a former spelling bee runner up, you can guess what I’d say.

If you run your business out of your house, you know the advantages. No additional rent, a well-stocked kitchen, the presence of one or more cats. On the flip side of that coin, it’s easy to get distracted. This article gives you five great ways to stay motivated.

Does the Affordable Care Act benefit small businesses? Here’s our founder’s take over at Forbes.

It’s a bold claim, but this author says there’s only one thing you need to keep your customers. Bonus points for retelling the giraffe story from last week.

For many Americans, a cozy retirement is a big goal. For small business owners, not so much. A full 43% don’t want to retire. Ever.

Hip hop was built on sampling. Anyone who loves both “Regulators” and Michael McDonald knows that. But is it legal? And what constitutes fair use anyway?

Lastly, printable meat. I know, I know. It’s weird. But when you get down to it, is that really that much weirder than sausage or Slim Jims? Yeah, you’re right. It is. And if you’re laughing at the idea, keep in mind that Peter Thiel, one of the savviest investors going, gave these guys money.

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