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#Smallbiz Wrap: Thanks Congress!

Who's got two thumbs and an 85% disapproval rating?

Who’s got two thumbs and an 85% disapproval rating?

Every since humans decided to give government a try, we’ve decided to complain about it. Tom Sawyer’s dad whined about it, half the news media is paid to kvetch about it, and, odds are, once the first cavemen decided that Crog might make a good king, they spent the next five years calling him ineffectual and obstreperous.

But Congress has a 15% approval rating. Fifteen. That’s ineptitude of historic proportions. And, unfortunately, it’s going to affect your business. We’ll start there today and move onto happier climes. Like ones involving clowns. No one’s afraid of clowns, right?

Surprise! Congress is bickering! Also: the sky is blue, cheese tastes good, pants go on your legs. Unfortunately, this time it’s going to affect your business. But hey: who needs loans and a healthy economy anyhow?

15 things successful leaders do automatically, each and every day. Conspicuously absent? Getting to level 31 on Tetris. There are different kinds of winners, you see.

Is your business paying too much in taxes? Probably. But I’m just guessing. Haven’t been going through your dumpsters or anything. (OR HAVE I?)

What is someone going to stop doing when they start using your product? Hopefully the answer isn’t “being happy.”

Your product might not have a perfect price. It might have three. For the record, I’d like to pay the one which happens to be the smallest.

Is your business struggling to get good legal counsel? It doesn’t have to. And yes, you may file this under “shameless plugs.”

3 mistakes your startup is probably making and, importantly, how to fix them. For example, please stop talking about yourself on social media. I’m embarrassed for you.

Did you sell out good content for cheap social likes? Don’t do that. Just because we “like” you doesn’t mean we’re going to use your stuff. I’ve never bought anything from a talking cat, as it turns out.

Dear bosses: are you a teacher, an innovator, or a terror? Obviously, the first two are preferable. Though terribly innovative teachers can go ahead and pour themselves a tall scotch.

10 weird tax laws, in case you’re wondering whether or not you can write off your clown nose. SPOILER ALERT: IT DEPENDS.

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