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#Smallbiz Wrap: Stock Photos Don’t Have to Be Corny

It’s the beginning of December, so you know what that means: brace yourselves for a billion year-end lists and trend pieces about 2013. Also, a bunch of people talking about the Mayan apocalypse, which is really just a woo-woo Harold Camping-ism that should be ignored strenuously, if at all possible.

Soon, the internet will tell you what the best movies of 2012 were, who released the most disappointing album, and what the color of the year will be in 2013. In fact, Pantone already did. SPOILER ALERT: it’s green. Wrap your mind around that craziness, people. ROY BIV finally has a middle name. Rejoice.

We’ll get in the spirit of annual lists and surveys too, but for now, we’ll just start with one and move on from there. But we found some really fun stories this week, everything from using Instagram for your business to the best kinds of Facebook posts to a man who’s spending 100 getting rejected 100 times. I really enjoyed that one. Reminded me of my dating career.

13 marketing trends for 2013. Let’s just hope the phrase “me-tail” doesn’t become a thing. Because that will make me sad.

Stock images are corny, but they don’t have to be. A couple tips on how to find the right picture for your needs. And no, don’t buy that one with the two business men smiling and shaking hands. Or the one with the lady laughing about her salad. Or the one where everyone’s in a meeting, smiling their mouths off. None of those things really happen.

This is important: repeat things if they’re important. Repetition is important, in other words. Also: read this five times.

Seven words to help you persuade anyone. Please imagine now because thank you. I think I’m doing it wrong.

Instagram: not just for taking pictures of your sandwiches.

Register to Win Your FREE iPod!!” and other email subject lines that may crush your will to live.

If IBM is to be believed, social media simply doesn’t help business. And IBM made that computer that beat that chess guy and also, that other computer that beat Ken Jennings (though I still claim that was rigged). They’re pretty smart, you see. Maybe we should all listen.

Speaking of: sometimes, founding a company should be anti-social. Your business should tell people they smell weird, or something.

Four words to motivate your employees. Also acceptable: “Here is your raise.”

This entrepreneur is getting rejected, on purpose, for 100 days in a row. Why? To get over his fear of rejection. He can ask me for my marinara recipe if he runs out of ideas.

You can’t beat Craigslist at everything. But you can beat it at one thing. Just ask StubHub and Etsy and OkCupid and AirBnb and…

The best kinds of Facebook posts are ___________. No really, I wasn’t asking. They’re fill in the blank posts. Moral: Mad Libs still rock our collective (noun).

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