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#Smallbiz Wrap: Dinosaurs, the Olympics, and the Internet

Welcome to #Smallbiz Wrap, the only roundup of business stories this week that won’t talk extensively about Chick-Fil-A. In this installment, we’ll be looking at the laws of XXX Olympiad, how running a business is like running a marathon, and dinosaurs.

I’m most excited about the dinosaurs part.

Now that we’ve launched our new blog, we’ll be doing this each and every Friday. We hope you’ll join us. Now, onto our favorite business stories this week.

01. What will technology look like in the future? If you’re in the space elevator or artificial retina industries, it’s looking pretty lucrative.

02. Speaking of amazing visualizations of technology, take a gander at this map of the internet. Warning: you may get lost.

03. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable for long periods of time.” That, and other reasons why endurance running is like entrepreneurship.

04. Pop quiz: if I told you that what you were eating was “all natural” and filled with “natural flavors,” what exactly would that mean? Answer: nothing. Food marketers are quite clever.

05. If you’re anything like me, you’re likely swept up in a near-embarrassingly patriotic Olympic fever. Last Friday, we took a look at 5 weird laws from the London Games, including ones that keep our businesses from advertising there. Baring creative dyslexia, that is.

06. Speaking of the Olympics, you’d think London taxis and hotels would be booming this summer. You’d be wrong. But if you’re one enterprising cabbie, you turn your taxi into a hotel and make up the difference.

07. What if I told you one of those Jersey Shore guys made $11 million as a DJ last year? Would you change careers? Or would you just get really sad?

08. Some business ideas sound ingenious the first time you hear them. Netflix, for example, elicited this response from yours truly: “DVDs in my mailbox? Massive selection? Reasonable price? Sign. Me. Up.” Other business ideas? Not so ingenious. Like, say, cloning dinosaurs and starting an amusement park. I think they made a movie about that and everything. SPOILER ALERT: it worked out poorly.


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