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#Smallbiz Wrap: Odds Are, Your Data’s Getting Stolen

An unfortunately, the theft is about 5% as cool as this one is.

An unfortunately, the theft is about 5% as cool as this one is.

Greetings again, after a Valentine’s Day holiday that somehow feels more divisive each and every year. For yours truly, February 14th is the best opportunity to take stock of all the great people in my life, but, more importantly, it means that I get to watch the NBA slam dunk contest really soon.

I’m a romantic like that.

This week’s #Smallbiz Wrap doesn’t have any All-Star Weekend tie-ins (an unforgivable oversight, truly), but it does ask you “it’s 2 o’clock. Do you know where your data is?” and regales you with the story of how Abe Lincoln got his beard. That’s called “variety.” Eat your heart out, Gong Show.

The good news: your employees probably won’t steal your computers. The bad news: many don’t care about stealing your data. The other news: the pens I’ve stolen were on accident. I promise.

Four idea to help morale at your workplace. And hey, they’re free. So really, you don’t have an excuse.

Who you sit next to matters more than you think. Speaking of: you’re welcome seat neighbor. After all, we know you couldn’t survive without my constant stream of vaguely off-color punning.

Optimize, optimize, optimize everything! Accomplish, accomplish, accomplish…nothing?

Guess who’s busy? Everyone. Except that cousin you have who doesn’t take off his robe until the fifth episode of Judge Joe Brown is over. He’s a real go-getter.

Never have more than 9 browser tabs open. Unless the 10th is Everyday Law. Then you get a pass.

5 small business apps for (nearly) effortless accounting. Still, nothing beats the strategy I call “Ball of Crumpled Receipts.”

4 personality types your startup needs. Like the Tomb Raider lady. Or that blue guy from X-Men. I’m gonna guess the author might be a bit of a nerd.

And since it’s President’s Day on Monday, here’s the story of Lincoln’s beard. There’s nothing about this story I don’t enjoy. (Also: Lincoln without his beard? Kinda creepy.)

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