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#Smallbiz Wrap: No One Reads Your Facebook Posts

This product was unsuccessful. It’s amazing, I know. I’ve always wanted more Powerade in my Budweiser.

A lot of folks do business link roundups, but do they reference horrifying 80’s comedians or that time when Gatorade made beer? We doubt it. Here are our favorite business stories for the second week of October.

7 things your small business can learn from Mythbusters. A.k.a. the best show on TV. Unless you count Ancient Aliens. Which I do.

Would you take career advice from a stand-up? Not Pauly Shore, but a good stand up? Let Steve Martin show you the way, buhhhhh-dy.

The State of the Internet. This is long but extremely good, covering everything from the web’s humble, admittedly bogus beginnings to apps, mobile, and the future.

No one reads your company’s Facebook page. Maybe you should include more pictures of the food you’re eating or the baby you’re swaddling.

Some advice on how to be a good boss. Though, now that I re-read this, it’s pretty much advice on how not to be a jerk. Newsflash: nobody likes jerks. Except when they’re Steve Martin. (That’s known as a call-back, ladies and gentlemen.)

Being happy is as much about not doing things as doing them. In other words, why don’t you stop smashing your fingers in the door? That’ll help your overall mood.

Good products don’t equal success. But, on the flip side, bad products pretty much equal failure. I’d guess the guy who invented Hop n Gator could tell us a thing or two.

6 copywriting mistakes that are bad bad news for your company. And no, we’re not talking about typos. Everyone knows their bad, you no?

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