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#Smallbiz Wrap: More Perks, Less Jerks

Finally. After years of posturing and months of debating, we’re mere days away from—at long last—actually voting. If you’re like me, your email inbox and snail mail mailbox have been crammed tight with all manner of propositions and mayors and presidential candidates and, frankly, you’re a little burned out. It’s okay. It’ll all be over soon. “Soon” as in next Tuesday.

In the interest of not contributing the ever-loudening political cacophony, we’re going to steer clear of politics this week. Just good old fashioned business stories and hacky one-liners.

Happy voting.

Businesses are keeping their employees with new perks. Like cleaning their employees’ houses, for example. Me? I’m simple. One faberge egg a month and I’m good.

The Supreme Court is looking into the First Sale Doctrine. That would affect all sorts of resellers and dealers of used goods. So, really, sell those old baseball cards while you can. Oh wait. No one wants your old baseball cards.

Is there such thing as too much engagement? SPOILER ALERT: yep

What “dark social” is and why it matters. If you email this blog post to a friend, you’re part of it. Also, please email this blog post to a friend.

The American patent system changed last year. Here’s how.

Speaking of patents, what’s so bad about patent trolling? Answer: everything.

If you’ve got a brand new business, you’ll need some very special folks for your first hires. First, no jerks. Second, they need to go above and beyond silly things like “job descriptions.” And I said “above and beyond” not “below and beyond.” So don’t ask them to fetch your lattes, buddy.

Why focus groups stink.

Why there’s a “Like” button instead of a “Want” button.

And why potential is valued more than achievement. Speaking of which, I could potentially be telekinetic. Your coffee cup just moved didn’t it? DIDN’T IT?

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