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#Smallbiz Wrap: Let’s Talk Social Media

I was at South by Southwest when Twitter launched. I remember this specifically, because I was standing in line, waiting for my Bag of Free Stuff I’d Soon Be Throwing Out, thinking, “pshaw. Twit-ter? 140 characters? Good grief that sounds stupid.” I openly clowned on the thing. And the three people with me? They laughed. We laughed. Oh, did we laugh.

Fast forward a half decade and Twitter’s the best news aggregator going. Pretty much every celebrity worth their salt is on the thing and it, most amazingly of all, it’s helped organized political revolutions.

The lesson, of course, is don’t get stock tips from me. Also: social media isn’t going any place. Yes, it’ll likely change—and if you don’t think so, make sure to find me on Friendster—but social media is here for the long haul and if you’ve got a business, you’d be smart to utilize it the best way you know how.

And it’s with that theme that we check out our favorite small business stories of the week. Thanks, as always, for riding along.

Fortune 500 companies are all over social media. Except Exxon, apparently. That makes sense, now that I think on it. “Sorry Alaska! #FAIL” isn’t the best Tweet you could send.

These 6 companies ditched their websites in favor of social media only. It doesn’t make sense for every business, but you could argue it’s better to have a slick Facebook page than a hideous Geocities monstrosity.

And if you’re going to gussy up your Facebook page, here are 10 great examples to follow. Protip: add cat videos.

Advertising on Twitter can be surprisingly expensive. It doesn’t have to be.

There are a lot of ways to grow your business. Calling you customers “stupid” probably isn’t one of them.

How Facebook’s ads will be changing. Maybe. Probably. We suppose.

More traffic comes from Pinterest than Yahoo. Still, Yahoo probably has more fantasy football teams. So we’ll call this a tie for now.

5 misconceptions about social media. Number 6: why aren’t you sending me more cat videos? I thought we covered this.

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