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#Smallbiz Wrap: Keeping Your Creativity. And Your Shirt.

Or don’t keep your shirt. See if I care.

Want to know your customers’ inner most secrets? How to make a better landing page? How the end of tax-free online shopping will affect your business? Then you’re in the right place. Another week, another ten of the most compelling small business stories, all presented in the joking format you’ve learned to grudgingly tolerate.

And, as an added bonus, just a couple bullet points down, I learned the coolest (and most overwhelming) stat about email I’ve ever learned.

That’s what’s called “foreshadowing.”

How to start a business without losing your shirt. Protip: do not remove shirt.

Jon Stewart is proposing entrepreneurial policy. Yes, that John Stewart. The one who was in Half Baked. And also the Daily Show, if you want to stay current, I suppose.

6 things your customers won’t tell you unless you ask. Number 7: can I have your sandwich? Because I’m hungry.

Add up all the Facebook and Twitter accounts in the world. Now triple that. That’s how email accounts there are. Here’s how to market to them more effectively.

Here’s a great infographic about online shopping because you’ve read enough this week already.

Not all landing pages are created equal. Here are 8 to get you thinking about that sort of thing.

What’s the enemy of creativity? Spoiler alert: it’s not the Real Housewive franchise. Can’t wait for the Housewives of Greater Fresno. Gonna be a good one.

Is tax-free shopping online ending? And if so, what’s that mean? For starters, it means I’ll be paying 9% more for the jaunty country hat I ordered on Amazon. And that’s a crying shame.

8 things great entrepreneurs believe, including “avoid the ugly baby syndrome.” I’ll read anything that involves the words “ugly baby syndrome.”

Remember when that dude jumped out of that plane? Why was it sponsored by Red Bull anyhow?

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