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#Smallbiz Wrap: Indiana Jones vs. Nucky Thompson

There’s a whole genre of business writing based on fictional characters. You know, stuff like “How running a business is like being Tony Soprano” or “Would Gordon Gecko take your company over” or “Why your HR Director should be Jar Jar Binks.” They’re usually fun little pieces that have a way of reframing commonplace knowledge in a way that means more to the average person. Because, let’s face it, we watch a lot of movies. (Related: go see Dredd 3D. It was filled with Judge Dredd).

Today, we’re leading off our roundup with a pair of those. Then, as we’re wont to do, another eight pieces we enjoyed this week. If you read anything you think should be included, leave it in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter. Thank you kindly.

If you need a career role model, you could do worse than Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like, say, Indiana Jones in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Or, for that matter, Nucky from Boardwalk Empire. Here’s a look at whether Steve Buscemi’s strong-arming creepazoid is a gangster or a businessman. (Here there be spoilers.)

Here are 7 questions to ask your potential hires. Number 8: do you use emoticons when speaking with clients? Number 9: will you please refrain from using emoticons in the future?

At some point, almost every small business needs a developer. Here are ten things they wish you knew.

This guy has some useful tips for your startup. is hopping in its Delorean and reading this.

You can’t just tell people to change. But you can get them to change with these strategies. And I mean change behavior, by the way. Hopefully most of the people you know are wearing different pants today.

In praise of ego.” Or, “Things the Dalai Lama didn’t write.”

You know how you’re supposed to love your work? It helps if people love their boss. Here’s how to be the effective leader everybody wants to work for. And if all else fails, let people go home early on Fridays. I speak for the workers of the world: we can be bribed. Easily.

Here’s how to crowdfund your next venture without smashing your kid’s piggybank because, really? That’s not cool, man.

We’re looking for stories about how regulations and laws have helped or hurt your small business. And before you ask, we’re not talking about the health inspector. Please don’t send stories about the health inspector.

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