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#Smallbiz Wrap: Go Ahead. Share Stuff.

A still from Lady and the Tramp II: This Time, With Rodents

A still from Lady and the Tramp II: This Time, With Rodents

This weekend, America enjoys one of its great unofficial holidays: Superbowl Sunday. There will be wings and there will be beer and there will be advertisements for cars that you will not buy. Rocket Lawyer’s stationed in San Francisco, so you can figure we’re rather excited.

We’re going to assume your business can’t afford the four million dollars it costs for a thirty second spot this Sunday. It’s ok. You’ll be able to next year. For now, here are a handful of our favorite business stories this week, all about sharing.

If you thought crowdsourcing was going away, well, it isn’t. Just hoping air traffic controllers don’t get any ideas from this.

Other things that aren’t going away: the share economy. AirBnB and Zip Car might be the most well-known, but seemingly everything in the marketplace is getting shared, with some startup making a little off the top. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy

70% of your employees don’t feel appreciated. Here’s how to change that. Also an option: bake me some scones. I could really use a scone right now.

Speaking of employee perks, the Birthday Wheel is among the best I’ve heard. Besides the “Sack of Grabbable Money.”

Here’s a great SEO infographic that explains what works and what doesn’t. On the one hand, you want quality content that’s helpful, informative, funny, or shareable. On the other, cut out those typos. We have little red lines now and everything.

Things I would never have guessed: most MBAs fail at startups. Guess there’s hope for yet.

“I don’t need a lawyer” and four other legal myths for small business. Spoiler: you might need a lawyer.

We’ll end with a couple social stories. First: social from A to Z. This is a great list of 26 smart tips. Of course, they cheated on “x.” Everyone cheats on x unless xylophones are involved.

And if you’re into hashtags, this is a great tool to track the most useful/popular ones at any given moment. Like right now, HGH is trending. I’m sure Major League Baseball is in thrillsville.

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