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#Smallbiz Wrap: Get Happy!

Ah, the three day weekend. If there’s a surer way to put a smile on America’s face, I’m not sure what that is. Actually, yes I do: breakfast in bed. Everybody likes pancakes in their pajamas.

We’re feeling mighty pleasant here at Rocket Lawyer and have decided to spread the good cheer by making our small business roundup theme “happiness.” Also, this allows me to borrow the title of this post from the second best Elvis Costello album (no, nothing beats My Aim is True). So enjoy these business posts, all based on making you, your customers, and your employees just a little bit happier. And if that doesn’t work, take Monday off. That’ll probably help.

The four things Iceland—home to the world’s happiest workplaces—can teach you. Number five was a Bjork joke I decided not to make.

Speaking of happy workers, who doesn’t like working from home? Frankly, there’s something about emailing in a robe. But did you know that remote workers are actually more engaged?

5 tips for making your employees happier, none of which involve pingpong tables. Pretty sure that was an oversight.

Want to make your customers happy? Chill out with the features. They don’t need more Swiss Army Knives.

Of course, what makes your startup happy are customer conversions. You’ve got 8 seconds to do it, which is basically as long as it’s taken you to read this item.

But back to your customers. They might enjoy cleverness, but they enjoy kindness more. And it makes sense. You get better PR out of making someone’s day than out of making a joke.

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to run themselves ragged. I could cite a billion studies about why you need more sleep, but maybe you also just need a little less to do. Prioritize, make yourself “un-busy,” and get more done. I know that sounds like a zen koan, but this is worth a read.

Round numbers make everybody happy. Here’s how to get your first 1,000 users. And if you’ve got more than that, well, then be happy, dangit.

And here’s a song off “Get Happy!” by Elvis Costello because, why not?

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