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#Smallbiz Wrap: Be Interesting or Be Ignored

That's how you get a-head of the

That’s how you get a-head of the competition…ha…eh…sorry.

You hear that? The glorious quiet? The lack of spam emails about props you hadn’t gotten around to learning about? Commercial breaks without horrendously produced attack ads? That’s right! The election’s over and life is back to normal. Now, our spam will return to offers for off-brand pharmaceuticals and our horrendously produced commercials will be for local rug cleaning businesses. Not sure that’s a good thing, now that I think on it.

Speaking of normal, it’s Friday. And like we do each and every Friday, here are our ten favorite business stories from the week.

Be interesting or be ignored. In related news: check out these pants I made out of car parts and hot garbage.

The 5 deadliest marketing sins. Including “puffery.” That’s a great word. I wish they would’ve included “vainglory” or “extensive use of emoticons.”

Why you need to have fun to be successful. Sorry, DMV employees.

Why blogging isn’t enough anymore. Wait. Blogging isn’t enough anymore? Fudge. Don’t tell my boss.

9 ingredients to making great content. Number 10: Comic Sans. You can never have too much Comic Sans.

The startup world as it really is: chaotic and addictive. Like a drug for nerds.

What “brand” means. And not the one you singe a cow with. The other one.

15 companies going from web to brick and mortar. Somewhere, Blockbuster video is pretty ticked off.

How much is a Facebook share worth? Way more than I thought, frankly.

And finally, for the young entrepreneurs out there: why you should take your 20s seriously. Or, why I should’ve taken my 20s seriously. Either way.

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