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#Smallbiz Wrap: Bad Weather, Canada, and Red Pants

I don’t know about you, but after two weeks of national political conventions and speechifying and yammering at empty chairs, I’m spent. Enough. I need a break. So the promise in this week’s edition of our small business round up: no politics. We’ve got two months of endless polls and breathless news reports and starting now would be the blog equivalent of when Macy’s puts up their Christmas decorations in July. We don’t need that. So let’s focus on something, anything else. Like, say, our favorite stories of the week.

Pop quiz, hot shot. What percentage of global workers telecommute? The answer will surprise you. Unless you already read this article already. Then: less surprising.

Here are five reasons to start your company in Canada. Bonus reason: you’ll be closer to Bryan Adams.

Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law. I wish that was a link to a Judas Priest song, but instead, it’s some a handful of labor laws you might be disobeying without even knowing it.

What’s cloud computing? Considering over half of this surveys respondents think that bad weather interferes with it, turns out most of us don’t really know. (Spoiler alert: cloud computing works in the rain.)

How 29 smart companies use Twitter. Protip: ALL RICKROLLS, ALL THE TIME.

Do you want an open culture at work? You should. Folks who feel engaged and listened to do better work.

You know all that money that gets taken out of your paycheck? This infographic will show you where it goes, who pays what, and where your taxes are the highest. Seriously, Oregon? You’re better than that.

And lastly, wear the red pants. That’s just one of seven tips to help your startup stand out. Tip number 8: while you’re wearing those red pants, put on a white shirt. Then you’d look like you were in the White Stripes and that would make you cooler than most people in five mile vacinity.

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