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#Smallbiz Wrap: Attack of the Buzzwords


I’m sorry little guy. You can’t hide from “twinternship.”

Throughout history, slang has come and gone. What once was groovy became radical which is now awesome or perhaps epic or maybe something far newer that I haven’t heard because I am not cool and I live in a cave. The point is, language evolves and with it, our attitudes. What might, on the surface, seem like nothing more than “what those kids are saying” or “what buzzwords will rule 2013” actually has real consequences on how we think and behave.

For example, I remember when everyone was talking about “paradigm shifts.” I heard it at meetings, on TV, in un-funny Dilbert strips. But it was a reflection of how many businesses really were focused on changing their industries in a real way, or at the very least, trying to. It’s not that these trends are always good, mind you, but they’re always worth understanding, if only to know what your competitors are doing and understand what the heck your kids are saying. Not doing so would be an EPIC FAIL, bro.

We all fall into linguistic ruts. But make sure your business doesn’t use one of 2012’s most hated words. We’re coming for you next, “iterate.”

12 Buzzwords for 2013. GAH. They’re all mortifying. Wantrepreneur? Even YOLO thinks that’s a dumb word.

Speaking of buzzwords, you’ve probably heard about lean startups and pivoting and the like. Here’s a reminder that sometimes your early evidence isn’t enough evidence. Sometimes, early evidence is a lie. See also: every first date ever.

So a 15 year-old designed a news app that, to me, sounds brilliant. When I was 15, I was trying to convince girls Dungeons and Dragons were cool. Mission: Impossible.

A compelling case for getting rid of the paper menu at restaurants. On the one hand, teched out menus would be interactive, include tantalizing photography, and could be changed to show specials and seasonal items in minutes. On the other hand, it wouldn’t smell like old soy sauce. Can’t win ‘em all.

How to use all that free Google stuff for your business. For example, free mail, free SEO research, analysis of trends. Also, you can translate that crabby Yelp review you got from German.

There’s a difference between dedication and addiction. Good to know. I’m totally dedicated to beer, guys. No need for that intervention.

Marketing is like baseball: there are a lot of statistics and a lot of people arguing over which ones are important. Here are 7 to watch out for. Also, I’ve been told that wins and losses by pitchers is useless. Someone get Joe Morgan a fainting couch.

Content marketing can be stale. It doesn’t have to be. You can even give your competitors love. If anything, we’d have avoided New Coke that way. Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-catch the wave, people.

8 stupid things bosses say. Don’t say these things. Number 9: “Has anyone ever told you how remarkably ugly you are?”

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