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#Smallbiz Wrap: Boo the Flu

Little girl lying sick in her bed with her teddy bear.

I feel your pain, sad stock photo girl. I feel your pain.

Even though it happens every year, and even though it feels like each year’s flu season is an “epidemic,” this year’s flavor seems especially tenacious. Our office was blitzkrieged. Sick days were cashed in. I spent last weekend in bed, watching all manner of high-class cinema (read: Season of the Witch). It’s been a bad January for dry foreheads, clear noses, and sustained verticality.

You or someone you know is probably on a NyQuil binge these days. It’s just how flu season goes. And know this: productivity won’t be at all-time high while half your employees and/or co-workers are bedridden. There are some things you just have to wait out. That said, if you need a good chicken soup recipe, hit me up. Mine’s no joke.

A look at how the flu affects small businesses especially. It’s, uh, not positive.

The interwebs were a-flutter with articles about Facebook’s Graph Search last week. Here’s what it means for small business. What it means for you? You can find out which of your friends don’t like Tombstone, then you can unfriend those “friends.”

Do you do customer surveys? Odds are, they’re boring.

On the other hand, does your website use creative, clever navigation? Love the thought, but cut it out. It’s cute, but it’s hurting your business.

How smart companies get good PR. One thing worth knowing up front: they don’t just talk about themselves. No one likes a show off.

This article asks whether you’re too productive and makes the argument that if all you do is work, you’re actually getting dumber. Finally. A scientifically proven reason to watch more cat gifs. We’re making progress, people.

I’m sure it’s nice, but here’s how to make your office even better than it already is. Your workers will thank you after I’m done beating them at pingpong.

5 bad digital habits for small business. Like ignoring your customers, for example. It’s not like they pay you money for goods and services or anything.

Here are the five biggest internet entrepreneurs of 2012. Two were surprising. Also: it’s an infographic because you’ve read enough of this stuff already.

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