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prepping for the holidays

Small business tips: prepping for the holidays

Updated November 2017

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and before we know it Christmas will be here. November is a big time for small businesses with both Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. According to the National Retail Federation survey from this October, consumers plan on spending an average of $967.13 during the holiday shopping season this year (that is up 3.4 percent than what was surveyed same time last year). Consumers will spend $608.06 on gifts for others and around $218.08 for items such as food, decorations, greeting cards etc. That is a significant amount of consumers shopping and spending this Thanksgiving weekend and as a small business, you should be prepared.

Follow our small business tips for the holiday season

Seasonal Help –  This season with the increase of consumer spending on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, you might consider bringing in a few extra sets of hands to make this holiday a pleasant experience not just for your customers but for yourself as well. If you are considering seasonal hires but are stressed with time, Rocket Lawyer can help you in making sure you are doing everything right, from providing employment contracts, to helping you create an employee handbook, and providing holiday pay guidelines.

Everyone loves a good story, so share yours – Your relationship with your clients is the heart and soul of the business, so why not share that. Storytelling is a technique that has been around for centuries. It brings people collectively together and keeps them engaged. Your story should show that you love your community and being part of it, as well as inspiring and motivating people to take the time and see what your business has to offer.

Make it an event, not just a sale – Big companies are going to offer the best deal, as a small business you might not have this luxury. Be creative. Instead of offering the lowest prices on items, showcase your most popular items and make it a one of a kind event instead of a sale. If your services are worth the price tag, people will still buy it regardless of the sale. It just requires putting on your “thinking cap” and presenting what your business has to offer. Instead of trying to provide the lowest prices on items, showcase your most popular items and make it a one of a kind event instead of a sale.

Display your items –  Make sure that your floor is fully stocked is key to success this holiday, but you need to do more than just displaying your inventory. You should give it a more personal touch. This can be achieved by providing sections that are “employee approved”,“local favorites”, etc. This will show that you are involved in your community and have build that relationship with your customer that you know what people are going to like.  It will give new customers the idea that they are family and will get an experience that they could not get by going to a big name chain. Having the relationship with build a form of trust and customers will want to return to your business and will be willing to pay a little more for an item because of the service that has been provided.

Promote your event  – Social media is crucial for success this holiday season. There is going to be a lot of shopping happening this Black Friday and Small Business Saturday  To promote your event you want them to know about your store’s amazing offers and the perks they might receive by doing business with you. This can be easily achieved by using social media. On Facebook, you can share the dates of your event and share engaging images and content showcasing your offers and perks.

Encourage sharing – Encourage your customers to post about the business, about their experience, images of them with items purchased that are exclusive to you and/or information regarding your organization. Just be creative with it and make sure that you are participating and engaging back with your customers.

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