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Safeguard Your Small Business with Trademarks Made Easy

We can all agree on one thing: the law can get confusing. That’s why Rocket Lawyer makes the complicated simple for you. From incorporation to estate planning, we make things easier—and affordable—so you can be on your way and do what you do best, while we do what we do best: making the law simple.

Now, we’re giving that same Rocket Lawyer treatment to trademarks.

We’re proud to announce and offer two levels of Trademarking: our Basic Package and our Comprehensive Package. You also have the option to kick off with a Comprehensive Search for your trademark, so you can be even more confident that your new trademark application will be accepted by the government.

What is a Trademark?

Think about the most well-known companies in the world. Nike has its swoosh. McDonald’s has its golden arches. Apple has its, well, half-bitten apple. No matter where you go in the world, these trademarks have the same effect—instantly reminding us of their company and products. Now, that’s powerful brand awareness!

With everything you’ve invested in building your own brand, it only makes sense that you’d want to protect your company from copycats. Trademarking your names and logos help you rest assured that you have the sole rights to your branding. Also, if you do find out that a competitor is using your trademark, you have several advantages in court since you registered it first!

What’s the Trademark Process Like?

Trademark applications get filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This year, there will be close to half of a million trademarks filed. With so much demand for legal protection, the application process with the government typically takes 10-11 months and requires a good deal of back and forth with the USPTO to get your application approved. Our Trademark team has extensive experience applying for Trademarks – let us help cut through all the government’s complexities for you!

Let’s take a closer look at how we can help you streamline the trademark process:

Rocket Lawyer Basic Package

If you have previous experience in submitting trademarks or would like to be more hands-on with the process, the Basic Package is the right fit for you. This package includes a basic trademark search and electronic preparation of your trademark application for filing. For new members, it’s $99. For existing members, it’s $89.

Rocket Lawyer Comprehensive Package

The Comprehensive Package is designed for those busy folks who want the trademark process completed for them—from start to finish. This package includes everything in the Basic Package, as well as expedited processing, attorney consultation, attorney correspondence with the USPTO, responses to all procedural type office action letters on your behalf, and monitoring and updates of your application. It also includes one year of Rocket Lawyer membership which includes online attorney Q&A and customizable legal documents like Cease and Desist Letters for you to protect your new trademark. For new members, it’s only $499.

Trademark Comprehensive Search

You can reduce the risk of being rejected by the USPTO by conducting a Comprehensive Search before filing. A basic trademark search is simply a quick trip through the USPTO database to make sure your mark hasn’t already been registered. A Comprehensive Search, however, will include checking the Federal and State databases for your mark, any variations that may hinder registration, and any pending marks. This is an add-on for an additional $149, which includes a comprehensive search of federal and state trademark databases (all 50 states).

Trademarking When and How You Want To

Wherever you are, you can start your trademark application and have an attorney help navigate you through the process. As a small business owner, you may tackle a lot of things on your own. However, when it comes to the trademark application process, let’s leave it to the experts—for a cheaper, faster, and more successful outcome.

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